About Metal as Fuck


About Metal as Fuck

Metal as Fuck is a global metal lifestyle zine, and will soon be one of the world's leading communities of metal fans. It is a zine dedicated to lovers of metal in all its incarnations, and the primary destination for quality journalism and photography, exclusives you can't get anywhere else, and that inside view you never knew you wanted until you saw it here.

This zine is Australia's #1 metal media. We have key contributors in strategic locations around the world, from Australia to Scandinavia, Europe to the US.

We support the music industry from the ground up, providing a legitimate space for bands to promote themselves and their music, and build their own networks. But unlike every other zine out there, promoters, publicists, labels and other industry bodies are also given the opportunities to grab their own space, to post news that is circulated through the site immediately, and to get back in touch with the punters - wherever those punters happen to be.


Who We Are

We are all metalheads, like you. Everyone on our team, no matter what they do, is passionate about metal. We are music journalists, photographers; some are band members; others are publicists and label reps. We are people who have been in the metal music industry for years, and people who are just newbies on the scene. Our passion is to keep you informed, entertained, and excited about the music and the scene. Because unlike other music mags, we know that metal isn't just something you listen to: it's something you LIVE

Metal as Fuck was founded by Leticia Supple. Leticia carries on her involvement with the magazine as Editor at Large.

As of 2015 Metal as Fuck is edited by Carrie Gibson, whose motto; can't stand the heat? Stay out of the moshpit is tightly instilled. Once a manager of bands now a writer for bands but above all a lover of bands. When Carrie is not locked away writing she can be found in a moshpit....

If you feel you'd like to join our worldwide crusade for the advancement of good music, or if you feel we're not doing it right, or if you just want to shoot the shit about the spiralling price of catnip, you can write to us at


As the good Dr Thompson would have said - let's go to work!




Site design and build

There are three people who were indispensable in getting MaF off the ground.

The first is our graphic designer, Anthony Zoric - based in Sydney - who is also our merch designer. The way this site looks is thanks to Zoric. If you dig it, hit him up on his profile and tell him so.

The technical elements of the site - the build itself - were done by Melchior Mazzone and Evan Sanders. Thanks guys!