Cryptopsy: "We have been striving for such a sound since Ungentle Exhumation."

A pure return to form....

When the editor of MaF Scott Adams invited me to interview Flo Mounier (one of the best drummers on Earth and one of the idols of death metal) I w

“Let’s blast the fuck out of everything and play as fast and brutal as possible!” Andreas "Björte" Björnson explains the Fetus Stench mantra.

They won’t do much for your olfactory senses but Sweden’s mighty Fetus Stench aural blast will have your hearing curling into position.

"Playing music for fun instead of for cash is way better.” When the members of his previous bands had their sights set on being the next Metallica and generally taking the wo

‘You can’t sacrifice things to the devil with a butter knife!’ Ancient Ascendant’s Alex Butler thinks death metal needs its danger.

The pride of the M4 corridor’s frontman talks to us about his bands killer new EP and ‘edgecases’.

As Lamb Of God’s lead singer Randy Blythe faces allegations of manslaughter after young fan Daniel Nosek jumped onto the stage and later die

‘Were not going out and killing goats.’ Chaos Inception’s Matt Barnes and Gary White dispel the death metal stereotype.

One of the fastest, heaviest bands on the scene profess their love of death metal.

'There’s a couple degrees back there.’ Matt Barnes says, casually pointing to the framed certificates hanging on the wall behind him.

‘Death metal is getting too fragmented.’ Never To Arise duo Mike Kilborn and Gordon Denhart are getting back to basics.

Bloody good death metal newcomers cut straight to the bone and discuss gory debut album, Hacked To Perfection.

Think death metal and it probably won’t take long before you start naming bands from the U.S. state of Florida.

‘At last we’ve done it!’ Ex-Black Sabbath lead singer Tony Martin explains why he is Back To Eden.

Metal as Fuck catches up with the forgotten man of Black Sabbath as he prepares his Headless Cross band for their UK live debut.

He’s played gigs all over the world with some of the greatest rockers in the game. And yet Tony Martin’s next gig is making him ‘nervous’.

‘We’ve met all sorts!’ Breed 77’s Pedro Caparros and Stuart Cavilla sit down with Metal as Fuck to discuss festivals and the difference between Axl Rose and Lemmy

It's festival time in England and Breed 77 can't wait to get started.

Ears still ringing from a hastily arranged sound check, Breed 77 guitarist Pedro Caparros and his bass playing band mate Stuart Cavilla slump onto

Eric Correa from The Devastated is having way too much fun...

We have multiple riffs that are so heavy that we just have to work with them. So we started working with them, we started listening, started dancing around and that's how the first album started; listening to riffs and dancing around. It's a good start.

The elusive Eric Correa, guitar player for California's The Devastated, came out of hiding to do an interview for Metal As Fuck.

Dino Cazares says Skynet is coming. You have been warned...

We take what’s going on today, obviously exaggerate it to how it can happen in the future and tell a story. Visionaries? Maybe to some extent.

I had the privilege of sitting down with Dino Cazares, the guitar player and writer of Fear Factory during their last tour.

“You can add Rotting Christ to the list” – Burzum’s Varg Vikernes shares his metal faves with Metal as Fuck!

Yes, Varg Vikernes talked to us, and he talked about what we all in the Metal as Fuck team like best: music!

For the purpose of this discussion we asked that there be no political rants or whatever beyond our scope, which is metal.