Wey Aye, Man...
Paradise Lost challenge us to gaze unto to monster that is our present, and our future.
"Now our culture is part of heavy metal culture".
"It was a fearless record".
"I love that we are all inspiring one another; it is a really cool thing. Musicians are all connected – we’re all connected, from opposite sides of the world even - it’s just the power of music".
On new material: "We have moved from talking about talking about it to actually standing in a room together...."
Nikki Hallam returned to her old stomping grounds for Tons of Rock 2017 and there is only one thing to ask... Elk burgers anyone?
Wacken Open Air, get more (head) bang for your buck...
Who would have thought this would ever happen again?! Don't miss this tour Australia
The term renaissance means 're-birth' and this is exactly what Fleshgod Apocalypse have done for heavy metal...