"Black Label is twenty years old now - thirty four more to go and we catch the Rolling Stones".
"The people [in Australia] just get us and there really is no limit to the fun. Although I heard that koala’s have a lot of gonorrhea so I’m not fucking one of those again".
“We’re going to hell for this!”
"Of all the native wildlife we are bound to encounter, I’m mostly excited to see Squizzy’s balls...again"
Australian tour dates enclosed...
Now reunited with Morbid Angel, Steve Tucker walks us through the grim wastelands of Kingdoms Disdained.
The mastermind behind Emperor exposes the passion behind his seventh solo album Àmr
In the wake of one of the most successful debuts of the year so far, Swedish progressive metal newcomers LFTC’s vocalist sheds some light on Vignette.
Cheers cunts, fuck Fosters!
Cheers Cunts, Fuck Fosters!