"In the early 90’s you wouldn’t expect a death metal record to be singing about the birth of the Dalai Lama"
Marduk's founder and guitarist Morgan on inspiration, protesters and coming back to Australia in the lead up to Direct Underground Fest.
"The reasons we do these tours are very real and very true, its not about making money - its just about having great experiences and putting on a great show for the crowds. We'll see how the first one goes and see if it works
The man behind the guitars of Opeth talks us through the Sorcery, Deliverance and Damnation landing on Australian shores this February.
Andreas Kisser talks us through Sepultura's mighty new album Machine Messiah.
"You can't rush these things, 2016 was an incredible year for metal and it was hard to narrow down that number one". Carrie Gibson & Albert Petersen weigh in for 2016...
Audrey Gerrard and Marco Hoertler get indulgent with their Top 20 of 2016 "2016 has been a phenomenal year for releases" writes Audrey. "Enormous releases from some of the mainstay metal bands and some insane debuts and sophomore local releases".
2016 proved to be a challenging year, here are some of the albums that helped us through it...
Melancholic triumph or triumphant melancholy...
"At the end of the day I’m there to serve the riff. That’s my job, I’m a glorified metronome".