More groove. Less blasting. The Whitechapel fellows grow up...
"You can turn around at any given moment and the whole thing could disappear"
Metal As Fuck catches up with the Primal Fear bassist about their new album and upcoming Australian tour....
"Dark Funeral have never compromised in our music"
"You can rehydrate with electrolytes or dehydrate with a beer - the choice is yours"
"One thing you need to know about Fear Factory, it’s always date night and always family night”
"The album acknowledges how we are pretty insignificant in the grand scheme of things..."
"We won’t ever truly conform to any particular genre"....
"We managed to get out of there somehow - we were lucky I guess"
“This is the most Aussie album I’ve ever been a part of. It personifies your culture lock stock and barrel; it’s a bunch of people taking the piss out of a bunch of things"