Beg For It! Hardcore Superstar's drummer Magnus Andreasson talks music, football and drinking from nut sacks!

Metal As Fuck throws a few questions at Hardcore Superstar’s drummer Magnus “Adde” Andreasson about their new album Beg For It, their new guitarist and their drinking games (champagne glass shaped ball sacks?!) and he throws some answers back.

Swedish rockers Hardcore Superstar have been around since the late 90s but it was the release of their self-titled 2005 album that saw them getting close to the street sleaze sound they were always promoting.  Following up with 2007’s Dreaming In A Casket and the new 2009 release Beg For It the band has really hit their straps with this trilogy and that street metal sound they always talked about: something akin to early Motley Crue with the grunt and balls of 80s Judas Priest and a touch of European power metal is now shining through.  But along the way the band also lost original guitarist Tomas Silver (replaced by Crazy Lixx guitarist Vic Zino) and moved to a new (and bigger) record label in Nuclear Blast.  According to Magnus Andreasson there was very little pressure though.

“We knew that Tomas was very tired of the whole thing. When the others wanted to work even harder Tomas wanted to step down and focus on his wife.  (He) wasn’t the songwriter in the band and he was very tired of music and has been like that for quite a while. Vic is hungry and a great guitar player.”

And recording for Nuclear Blast?

“Our new label has a lot more muscle than we had before. We had so many ideas for songs and that’s a good start to make an album.”

Vic brought more than his guitar though, he also brought a little soccer rivalry being an Internazionale fan.  Magnus laughed this off:

“Yeah! But our team (IFK Gothenburg) always kick their asses. Hahahaa. We’re all Zlatan(Ibrahimovic) fans though.” 

I wondered too if there might have been an initiation for Vic, besides being ribbed about his football tastes.

“He had to sign a slave-contract, hahahaha! No he was part of the family from the start. We force him to drink sometimes, that’s all.”

And speaking of drinking, I asked Magnus about any wild tour stories, this is what he gave me!

“When we get drunk we tend to get naked and do stupid things like Drinking Jägermeister from each others balls. We shape our balls into little champagne-glasses then we drink. We meet a lot of crazy people as well but I won’t go into any details.”

I’m kind of glad really. Although now I’m wondering about what shapes I can get my balls into but that’s a project for later in the day. Back to work.
On my first listen to Beg For It, power metallers Helloween immediately came to mind as well as (strangely) Motley Crue circa Generation Swine.  But when I asked Magnus if I was totally nuts or were these bands being given a few spins during the making of the album, he surprised me by saying they were in fact influenced by their own albums.

“We were very influenced to make a mix of our self-titled and Dreamin’ in a casket album. We also like to go back to what we listened to when we were kids. The 80´s Thrash and Sleaze is where we come from.” So much for my critical ear!

I did, however, notice that Beg For It starts off with the wild little tribute to Ennio Morricone -This Worm's For Ennio complete with the whistling and all his trademarks. I hadn’t even looked at the title when I picked that up. This follows on from tributes to the likes of John Carpenter on past albums so I asked Magnum if the band were big fans of old school horror. 

“We love to watch old movies. Ennio’s soundtrack always make the movie better. He has a magic touch like no one else.” I didn’t notice the other horror tribute, but Magnus was quick to point it out for us dumb fuckers. ”The cover is a tribute to Dario Argento too and if you look there are only the colors of the Italian flag in there.”

And recommendations?

“I recommend Susperia of course and also Deep Red. Ennio’s soundtrack for The Untouchables is a classic. Great music, great movie.”

I also wondered about the pop sensibilities of Hardcore Superstar because aside from the glam sleaze/hard rock tag there is an undeniable pop sensibility to the band's songs. They’ve had number one singles (in Sweden), which is something not too many metal bands these days can brag about. And their albums have more hooks than a Japanese whaler, so I was curious about who they saw as their pop influences. Magnus stuck true to the bands roots, claiming, “That comes from listening to all 80´s metal. We love melodies. Songs like Living after Midnight by Judas Priest and in King Diamond's The Lake you hear all these nice melodies just to give you two examples. We always try to combine melodies with a lot of riffing.”

Which led me like a not too smart horse onto the next question for the very patient drummer. I wondered aloud if they’d ever worried that their efforts to combine the sleazy Hollywood style with the heavier metal sounds wouldn’t work or did they just not give a damn what everyone else thought anyway? 

“We knew when we were kids about the war between glammers and thrashers but we were skaters and we skated to everything that got us going. Both styles are from the streets and we can’t help but to be inspired by those two styles and I think that it’s about time to develop Sleaze. It’s becoming a bit predictable.”

A fair call I dare say, but then I was always crap at skating anyway. I just like loud music, sleaze, glam, thrash – it all sounds good to me and Beg For It certainly manages to crank it up.  I decided to wrap up with the tried and true questions of drinks and groupies.

No surprises for the band’s favourite tipple. “Icecold Jägermeister....from the balls. Hahahaa!!!”

And where do the best groupies hide? Well according to Magnus, “They all look like a version of Nina Hagen no matter where you are.”

I’ll let your personal tastes decide if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

The band hope to tour Australia in November so if I was you I’d be cranking up the album, slugging down the Jager bombs and manipulating the ball sack and let’s see if we can’t show the boys a true blue tribute to their skills. An Aussie schooner glass!

Hardcore Superstar's Beg For It is out now on Nuclear Blast/Riot.