Morbid Angel's David Vincent on the band, the next album, and their upcoming Australian tour.

Early June 09 sees Morbid Angel hitting Australia's shores for the first time in thirteen years. We caught up with Dave Vincent for a chat about the band, their forthcoming album, and, of course, their much-anticipated Aussie tour.


There has been much discussion about Morbid Angel's forthcoming release. It will be their first full length since Heretic was released five years ago. While it might be easy to speculate that the length of time between albums is a result of the band's split from Earache Records, especially given that their previous releases were generally two to three years apart, much of the reason for the current delay is due to Morbid Angel's focus on touring.


'You know, we've really been doing a lot of touring and concentrating on our core,' Vincent told me. 'We have been working on the new material in between the tours. We've never been a band who put out a record every year. We have always taken a bit more time in between releases for as much touring as possible. This is when we can connect with the fans and really what makes this so much fun!'


Morbid Angel are still scoping which label their forthcoming album will be released on. While Vincent wasn't able to comment on which label they are looking at most closely, he did tell me that they've refined the list down to three. It is a big decision, and one that does necessarily take time if the right one is to be made.


'Our management has been negotiating very heavily with many different labels,' he said. 'At this moment we are down to three;  I'd prefer not to comment any further at this time. As I'm sure you're aware, the music business has changed quite a bit as of late. Our concern is that we make the best decision possible and that is taking time.'


While the band is out on the touring circuit, they have played some of their new material to various audiences around the world. In reading other interviews about it,  which discuss Morbid Angel's taking of bits and pieces from metalcore and other currently popular genres, I became - may I say, needlessly - skeptical about how it could be woven into the Morbid Angel output. It turns out that the material has had equally good responses from fans worldwide.


'The response has been great for the new material! We know what people expect from Morbid Angel and more importantly we know what we expect from ourselves,' David pointed out. 'It keeps us fresh and invigorated to continue to push things to the limit.


In talking about the interweaving of genres and the influences of some metal subgenres that are currently popular - like metalcore and deathcore - Vincent was quick to point out that Morbid Angel isn't interested in following a popular curve: 'Morbid Angel has never been nor will we ever be "trendy",' he stated.


The band fairly recently brought in Destructhor (of Zyklon, Myrkskog, and formerly of 1349) as their second guitarist. When it came to finding a guitarist to fill Erik Rutan's shoes (Rutan left to concentrate more fully on Hate Eternal), it was vital to Morbid Angel that they didn't make a random or haphazard decision.


'Our fans deserve nothing less than excellence and for that reason we took our time to make sure the man who fills those shoes is more than up to the task,' Vincent explained. 'Destructhor is a very dedicated and prolific guitarist and we get along with him quite well. The response from the fans has been excellent!'


The forthcoming Australian shows have seen a flurry of excitement among locaL Morbid Angel fans. That excitement isn't just limited to the fans, however: the band are also looking forward to getting out here, to seeing old friends, and making lots of new ones - and of course, to playing killer shows.


And it looks set to be that way, with shows all of the same standard right across the country: with potentially the same set list in every city - meaning nobody has to miss out on something played elsewhere.


'When we put a tour together, we generally work out a set that has a good flow to it, and then stick to it unless some of the shows are part of a festival or for some reason there are time constraints on how long we can play,' Vincent explained.


Given that the tour is pretty much a whirlwind, with the band spending just on eight days in the country, I asked Vincent what he would love to do while he's here, that he probably won't get to.


'I'm really into drag racing, and I'm also really into the wonderful nature preserves and sanctuaries that you have down there,' he said. 'Hopefully with any time off I will be able to spend some time with both.'



1 June - Billboard - Melbourne

3 June - the Capitol - Perth

5 June - the Metro - Sydney

7 June - the HiFi Bar - Brisbane


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