A Tribute From the Fans to Ronnie James Dio

Being online in so many spaces at the time of Ronnie James Dio's death, the Metal as Fuck team saw so many heartfelt tributes from the fans. We felt it was only right that they be given formal space here, and the credence that they deserve.


The passing of Ronnie James Dio left the metal world in shock. Although the great man had cancer, and reports of his health weren't entirely positive, most of us in the metal world really believed that he would pull through; or, rather, that he wouldn't leave us so quickly. 


The first news of Dio's death - although premature - spread like wildfire. Tributes from fans came pouring out into cyberspace. Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, blogs, online magazines, and news sources, were filled with the shock, disbelief and intense sadness of fans all over the world.


And they still are. The impact of a death of someone as influential as Dio - the man who gave us the horns, a diminutive man with an incredible voice, a man with intense passion for metal and his fans - doesn't just fade away. And the sadness won't fade, for a long time.


Being online in so many places, the Metal as Fuck team saw so many heartfelt tributes from the fans. We felt it was only right that they be given formal space here, and the credence that they deserve.


The fan tributes come from all over the world. Where possible, we've listed their originating countries. Some fans wrote long, very personal tributes to Dio; regardless of length, they have all been included.


Rest in Peace, Dio. You and your music meant so much to all of us. Wherever you are, horns up.


\m/ - Metal as Fuck


Shorter Tributes from Twitter & Facebook


Location Unknown

RIP Ronnie James Dio. The Godfather of Metal has passed away. Long live Rock and Roll. 


Dio was metal. His voice and stage presence is something we will never see in the metal scene again. Dio was one of a kind.


Dio was god!


Dio = metal.. no Dio, no good music.


HORNS. That's all i have to say. \m/


He was an artist in every sense of the word for the metal genre. \m/


Dio is the spirit of Metal. He would take the time to do the meet 'n' greet, shake hands with us mere mortals and make us feel like giants. RIP Ronnie.


I listened to Dio ever since i was 3, and i started with Rainbow. Stargazer is my favourite song of all time, and means so much to me. I have cried whilst listening to that song; its beauty is what personifies what metal is to me. I will never forget all the times that Dio was there for me: in my earphones, on my stereo, in my fucking heart.



Just More than a god, DIO its the Better Vocals i ever heard.



No words can describe this loss. He is the basic. He's everything we are. A sad day not only for metal but for music.


Dio was a potent voice. The epitome (and the apex) of what heavy metal could reach. His gestures helped personify and to give form to the culture of our music. Dio was the cool guy every headbanger (from the Iron Maiden fan to most radical death/black metal demon) wanted to drink a beer and to talk to. I still remember watching LAST IN LINE videoclip for the first time. It was impacting and my favorite Dio's song to date. He felt what he sang. If you doubt feel the punch of Black Sabbath's classic COMPUTER GOD. Dio helped to unite the heavy metal nation! I only can hope his teachings shall prevail....


Puerto Rico

Our Rainbow in the Dark!!!



People in the street seem like everything is fine. Don't they know a god has left us?



A man with a strong voice and stronger dedication, continuing to make original and powerful metal decades after most people would have given up. He gave us the horns, let's raise them in tribute to a true legend by any measure of the word.


Why wasn't it Ozzy ... #Dio forever!


He created the greatest genre of music EVER! It's hard to imagine what metal would be like if it wasn't for him. Would there be metal?


\m/  - that this is what Dio means to me.


He invented the metal salute and he made Ozzy look like an amateur when he joined Sabbath.


He and his music was one of my few true friends when I was at school; metalheads were not very popular at my school.


Fighting giant fire breathing fibreglass dragons on stage to 'Sacred Heart'... & the horns of course!


Ronnie's amazing voice was one of my first introductions to real classic metal, and I'll never forget him. Rock in peace. \m/ -- Goatlady


Dio was one of the greatest frontmen ever in music not just metal, his music helped get me through some lonley and hard times in my school years




Ronnie James Dio meant Heavy Metal. Simple as that, but beside that he was a caring & warm human, who cared about his fans.


He personified Metal. He was Metal. He was a true Metal God.


Man, he meant devil horns and my fav song from him, lonely is the word!


He is the Father of all metalheads.


Dio was an incredible vocalist, whose lyrics didn't focus on Doom and Gloom, but had an energy and enthusiasm that let his fans know how hard he rocked. 

That and the track to 'The Last in Line' album "we rock" is the best opening track ever. RIP DIO. \m/


I was so amazed how great he sounded on this last, "Heaven&Hell" tour- hell they all sounded great! RIPRJD





1983. School had just let out for the year and I was spending a few weeks with my dad for the summer. It was a late summer morning, windows open, sun shining through and the scent of the desert farms filled the air. There I was sitting on my dad’s bed, walkman in hand, headphones on, music blaring as loud as it could go. My music collection up to that point was small and limited but quickly growing. 


My dad came home for lunch. He handed me this little box that came in the mail. It was from the Columbia Music Club. I was really bad at filling out those pesky cards you get on a monthly basis to accept or reject the album of the month. If you didn’t respond, you would automatically get an album sent to you.


This little box my dad handed me contained something really special. It was Black Sabbath’s Live Evil. I remember the feeling that came across me when I saw it. I was actually a bit disappointed. But as any kid would do, I finished the job. I removed the shrink wrap, opened up the cassette case, studied it a little, popped it into the walkman and gave it a go.


From the erie intro of E5150 to the slow fade of Fluff, I was completely and utterly floored. Live Evil was the very essence of classic heavy metal. I had never heard guitar so full and vibrant yet dark and evil. Bass so low and complex yet so simple and driven. Drums so thunderous like cannons in a war. Vocals ranging from the soft and angelic to the powerful and intense.


Ronnie James Dio’s performance on Live Evil is metal in its purest form. He commanded the songs with conviction. Through the audio you could feel his stage precense. In a time when video was not accessible as in todays day and age, every time I played Live Evil, I could play the concert through my mind’s eye. It was truly the quintessential heavy metal moment in my young influential life.


Later that summer, while browsing at the record store and saw what I thought was the coolest album cover ever. It was Dio’s Holy Diver. I quickly put the album down and grabbed the cassette. As soon as I got home, I put in the walkman and I was mesmerized by the entire album. Again, I imagined what those songs would be like live. I was a Dio fan for life. I never looked back.


Later that year in the Fall, I had the opportunity to see Dio in support of Holy Diver. It was truly an amazing show. The production was incredible. My ears were ringing and my friend and I had just witnessed a dazzling performance. I had just witnessed everything that I had ever imagined by listening to Live Evil and Holy Diver but it was real and it was better. Horns up! What happened next only added to the experience.


In trying pass some time after the show, my friend and I were walking around, waiting for the crowd to die down so we could exit the venue. A lady down the end of a hallway waved my friend and I over to her. “Hey guys, come meet Ronnie James Dio!” she exclaimed. My stomach sank.


This was my first brush with celebrity, an idol, an icon and it was with Ronnie James Dio. As quick as the “Hello, nice to meet you” was, you just had a sense that he was a kind and genuine person. Yet I was a nervous kid, I was afraid to look him in the eyes and ask him to sign my concert ticket. Moments went by and he kindly said his ‘Goodbyes’ to the small group. I was awed.


Vinny Appice stayed back for a few more moments. He was just as cool and collected as Dio. I was a scared kid, but I felt at ease at the same time. Finally, I was brave enough to ask for his signature on my ticket. My first autograph. I regret not getting Ronnie James Dio signature on my ticket but I’m grateful for having had Vinny sign my ticket and the pleasure of briefly meeting Dio.


Ronnie James Dio Ticket signed by Vinny Appice


This was a huge event in my life. For the months leading up to meeting Ronnie James Dio and Vinny Appice, I was living off of the Live Evil and Holy Diver albums. Those were the two albums that I played along to the most during that time.


Being awestruck at the age of 14 by an artist that I hold in high regard, is a memory I will never forget. I still have that signed concert ticket. Even better, I still remember those brief moments like it was yesterday.



... from CASSANDRA:


I remember being a young girl with my dad, playing Black Sabbath in the car. Such great memories of the days when my dad was a big metalhead and in those days all I cared about was the next Hanson (yes I know embarrassing). As my father aged he grew away from metal. He passed his albums (cassette tapes and vinyls) down to me three of those being Rainbow, Dio, and Black Sabbath and my life was transformed. I turned big into metal. 


To me, Ronnie James Dio pioneered a genre. He's graced us with a fierce presence on stage and even sweeter personality backstage. A person who never turned his back on his audience and fans. A true legend and a rare gem, I don't see anyone else carrying his torch or even matching close to what he has accomplished. 


The day of his passing, I literally teared up and blast his songs through my speakers sending a sonic echo for my neighbors to complain. I walk around my average small town of Texas and hardly anyone seems moved by this. I would love to scream to every person's face, "A god has died, why are you not grieving or throwing horns up in the air?" 


To them, he is nothing just another rock and roll star dead but to real fans of music its the biggest loss known in history. Ronnie James Dio may have not changed people's perception on true music but to everyone else you've touched us with your honest music, you've changed that once ignorant child who had no music identity to a 19-year-old who can't live without your music.


RIP Ronnie James Dio, your music is timeless to me. 




... from ICE:

Dio's voice meant so much to me. I heard about him when I got into Black Sabbath. I just heard passion, honesty and belief when I always heard him sing. His voice is so rear, something you'll never hear again. 


A lot of modern bands don't "sing" anymore, even if they did, it just can't match the magic you felt with Ronnie's. I was absolutely heart broken, my heart shattered when I heard he died from cancer. My dad died from cancer and hearing Dio died from it felt like my dad died again. I teared and I just couldn't sleep the other night. It was hard for me to sleep, hard for me to believe "music" is gone.


If there is anything I can take from Dio or something I have learned from Dio, it's to love what you do, believe in what you do and do it with passion, because at the end of the day, it will shine through; and looking at Dio's life that sure showed.


I love him dearly and sadly I never met him and I wanted to. 


I hope he rests well and MAYBE he can say hey to my dad for me and Dime and Jimi, lol. I wouldn't want to see Dio suffer from cancer either, I had faith he would make it through. But the reality is he's not suffering anymore and he left his art, and his music in this earth until the world ends and I want to thank him. 


And I hope Wendy stays strong, and knows that we love her dearly as well.


Love you Dio. Yours truly, Ice.