Australian Tour, Fest & Release Support!

In the first of his monthly roundups, Assidian trawls the stygian depths of the Australian underground scene to bring you the latest in extreme news...

There's a lot happening in Australian metal at the moment. Less international touring and more Australian bands notably touring on their own accord and really pushing their music out there again. One of the biggest tours I think that's happened in Australian metal history is from a Sydney band called Katabasis, with a massive 32 date tour that falls just over a 3 month period. This type of touring could really pave the way for more bands to follow suit with extensive touring and consistently throwing their music at a wider audience.


Melbourne’s Synthetic Breed are also currently touring Australia with an extensive number of dates hitting capital cities and regional towns promoting their latest release Perpetual Motion Machine following up to their 2008 debut release Catatonic with fellow booking label mates Elysian. Since having an extensive break, Synthetic Breed has gone through a couple of line-up changes bringing in long time friend and bass player Luke Thiel into the line-up and most recently a ferocious new front woman, Mares Refalæða. “We want to take the music from Perpetual Motion Machine and our crushing new live show to as many people as we possibly can. “We’re BACK to deliver an unrelenting dose of what we do best, play our music live!“


Australia's biggest travelling all Australian Metal Festival Bastardfest is hitting 8 destinations, including a leg in Darwin, a place which has been consistently overlooked with touring of this calibre being led by the Australian titans Blood Duster and Psycroptic with strong support's of approx 18 killer bands on each leg. Bastardfest will also be seeing it's first New Zealand leg this year.

Just recently announced was Progfest in Melbourne, being the largest by far of the touring Progfest line-ups, consisting of 30 progressive bands from around Australia. Progfest is a celebration of musicians creating progressive music. Featuring bands of all styles and genres, from prog, post, psychedelic, art rock & metal and everything in between. This year’s festival includes bands such as Sydonia, 12 ft. Ninja, Branch Arterial, Arcane (QLD), Mushroom Giant, Xenograft, A Million Dead Birds Laughing and Elysian amongst others.

Coinciding with the release of Glorification of a Myth Sydney tech death unit Ouroboros are currently touring each capital city along the east coast with top class supports, the band has a track up from the new album on their reverbnation page to check out which is a must for fans of Necrophagist.

Darker Half just recently signed to Rockstar Records for the release of Desensitized. The album was recorded at Defwolf Studios in Sydney and will be distributed nationally through MGM Distribution. The band are currenly touring Australia on this release which includes a several festivals including Metal For a Cure in Adelaide.

Lynchmada has a full length To The Earth coming up through Truth Inc Records which is set to be released in October this year, and was was recorded by Nik Carpenter (Devolved) and mastered in the U.S. by Zuess (Hatebreed, Chimaria etc). The band currently has a couple of preview tracks up on reverbnation of the new album and will be announcing also a very lengthy crushing national tour in the next few weeks.

Canberra’s Mytile Vey Lorth has a new album release coming up called Moloch which was recorded by Scott Carter (Aeon of Horus) and Mastered by Dan Swano (Katatonia, Bloodbath, Opeth etc). The band currently has an album preview up on youtube and is set to do a major city tour towards the end of the year. Mytile Vey Lorth is amongst some of the longest operating Australian metal bands since forming in 1999 and having shared the stage with greats such as Nile, Decapitated and Kataklysm.

Also touring on CD releases are Aeon of Horus with their new EP release Exile, Claim The Throne embarks on the Triumph and Beyond Tour which includes Bastardfest dates, Truth Corroded is currently on The Bled Australia Tour, Deliverance We Prey's Born from Animosity, Laceration Mantra's Australian and Daemon Foetal Harvest's hugely anticipated album Where it Dwells tours are also smashing up the east coast.

Adelaide's Universum released its second album Mortuus Machina which could well be one of Australian metal's highlight releases of the year. This world class written and produced album also has royalty guest appearances from Christian Alvestam (ex Scar Symmetry) and Ola Frenning (ex Soilwork) to name but two. The album was also notably produced & recorded by Universum guitarist Stephen Murphy before being passed on to Jens Bogren (Katatonia, Opeth, Amon Amarth, Soilwork) for mixing and mastering . The band currently has studio footage and tracks streaming up on their networking sites to check out and the album is available via their website.

News on the signings front is from a very promising Australian band Circles, who've recently signed to Basick records whom recently held their album launch in Melbourne. There are many rumoured releases set for unleashing later this year, more updates as they come.

Finally, some sad news mid this year from a very promising technical death metal band from Tasmania called Separatist, who are calling it a day. The band had been working over a lengthy and tiring period on the release of their 2nd album. The decision came during the recording process as a result from technical failure, with the hard drive losing all the recorded data. The band made all efforts to attempt to recover the lost data with no success. Sadly, Separatist vocalist and mastermind Sam Dishington made the decision that is was not worth the time and effort to rerecord the album or pursue efforts as a live band anymore. Sam noted “if the files were unable to be recovered then I wasn't going to do it all again, because all the work, all the writing, organising of jams, recording, design, everything, had been up to me, and I wasn't up to doing it all again”.

The above being an understandable decision made by Sam and confidently expressing that this minor set back will not hold him back from pursuing music in different forms. “I have 3 bands on the go”, Meticulous Despoilment a grind / slam band which feature’s Sam on guitar & vocals and also other ex Seperatist member’s Dank (Lead Vocals) and Oz (Guitars). Ørannis – an ambient black metal project which is currently in the works with over 40 minutes worth of set written and the newest band which is currently untitled being described as heavy as hell, dissonant, dark, aggressive, but with lots of dynamics, lots of feel, big epic chord sections (sort of like what we were doing with Separatist, only darker and longer, more emotive). The latest venture also features most of the final line-up from Separatist which is currently writing and experimenting on different sounds, hoping to unleash it’s progression to metal fans very shortly.

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