"Dysie Once Drank Beer From a Frozen Chicken's Arse" - On the Road With Claim the Throne

Claim The Throne are currenly touring Australia to promote their latest release "Triumph and beyond". We caught up with Claim The Throne's mastermind Cabba to throw a few questions at him about it all!

Metal as Fuck: As the tour has just officially started, tell us how the first leg in your hometown of Perth went down?

Cabba: It was a totally perfect start for the tour - Big turnout, great vibe and lots of beer! Our mates Double Dragon from SA were there as well as Perth acts Psychonaut and Devour The Martyr. It was also filmed for a DVD we’re looking at releasing next year, so you can expect to see footage of onstage funnels by ourselves and the crowd, plenty of carrots, chicken & muffins, and of course live footage of heaps of songs.

MaF: Will you guys be dressing up throughout the whole tour? Any additional stage props being brought on stage?

C: We’ll be wearing our usual outfits at every show - chainmail, leather, blood, cleavage, speedos etcetera. We cant promise anything with props as obviously options are limited living out of a mini-van for three weeks.. But we try not to plan too much into what will be said or done on stage, the most exciting thing is that anything can happen on the night!

MaF: Are there any destinations on the upcoming tour that you haven't previously pillaged that you are looking forward to?

C: We have never played any of the regional areas before, so we're really stoked about the chance to check out some different towns and play some smaller shows as they’re always a lot of fun. Also it's our first time in New Zealand which is exciting for us, looking forward to meeting Scurvy Dogs and scrumming our way all over the place.

MaF: Apart from being a part of the travelling festival Bastardfest are there any other highlights or surprises planned for the tour?

C: Obviously we’re expecting the Bastardfests to be the biggest and best for the tour, but there are certainly some other one off shows that are panning out nicely. We’ve got two in South Australia that are looking huge, Braggle Rock Festival on the Gold Coast, and big lineups in Wollongong, Canberra and Wagga, as well as the three date tour with Scurvy Dogs in NZ. They all sound like highlights to me!

MaF: The music itself is quite complex, can you tell us about the writing process you guys went through for Triumph and Beyond?

C: We wanted to fine tune our sound on Triumph And Beyond, and make sure our song writing and production was really up to scratch. It was a fairly long time in the making and we finalised a new lineup that really worked well together. We’re extremely happy with how it turned out and are striving to develop that sound even further next time around.

MaF:What are you most looking forward to being on the road? How long since you guys last travelled?

C: Our last tour was with Finntroll earlier this year - we can’t wait to get back on the road again! We don’t have any expectations of what each of the shows may bring, so we're most looking forward to just seeing how it all pans out and being able to shred, mill & drink every night! I'm least looking forward to Jim keeping me up all night and then Jim waking me up early by playing Cryptopsy solos on my acoustic guitar and milling at me.

MaF: What do you think is more predominent in Claim The Throne's folk & melodic death fusion? Could there be a possibility of an album ever becoming more predominant in either genre?

C: I think the crossover on Triumph & Beyond is 50% melodic death and 50% folk metal.. That’s the way we want to keep it for now, it gives us the opportunity to have the fun folk bits as well as furthering ourselves musically and staying heavy.

MaF: Do you think that Claim The Throne's diverse style could easily have an acoustic folk band right up to the more extreme genres support a live show?

C: Definitely, and I think the diversity of support bands is really important to keep shows interesting. We’ve actually got an acoustic set of our own coming up next weekend in Perth, with a grind band and thrash band on the same lineup!

MaF: Will you be playing tracks from Only The Brave Return on this tour or focusing purely on the latest release?

C: The setlist will be dominated by tracks from Triumph and Beyond and Aletales, but we’ll see how we go J

MaF: When offstage, what are some of the roles delegated to keep the band functioning? Does this fall to more than one person? Are there any... lazy members?

C: Song writing, promotion, social media, gig bookings, design, merch & even some admin stuff… We try to share the workload around...

MaF: The band appears to have a comical theme based around it even though the music sounds like it's taken very serious. Would this be an accurate assumption?

C: That would be a very accurate assumption. The band is very serious about playing metal, but also very serious about having a laugh and a good time, so we try to capture both of these outlooks in our music and live performances.

MaF:  What would be most ultimate? Playing at this http://www.medievalsa.org/ or Wacken?

C: Haha both have perks and downfalls. That medieval one looks like heaps of fun, but as a metal musician you cant really go past Wacken, that would be the ultimate for any metal band.

MaF:  When you guys head overseas to tour what would be most ultimate way to travel? A. A First class plane trip. B. By  Viking Ship. C. Half of the members on each.

C: I guess Viking Ship would be a lot more fun! But would also take much longer…

MaF: If ever striking gold would it be spent on band equipment or beer?

C: Beer is band equipment in our opinion, so the gold would be allocated accordingly J

MaF:  Finally, what's a random fact you've been aching to tell fans that they may not be aware of?

C: Our new guitarist Dysie once drank beer out of a frozen chickens arse.

There's nowhere to go from that, really, is there?