Eternal Rest aims high

Young Brisbane death metal band Eternal Rest seems poised to take things to the next level very early on in their promising career.

Youth and aspiration often go together, but it’s a rare occurrence when youth and execution make an appearance in the same place at the same time. Brisbane death metal battalion Eternal Rest have youth, aspiration, and execution on their side, and thus far have used this formidable combination to wrangle themselves some enviable support slots, a handful of regional tours, and a record deal for its first full-length album, due out in mid 2011. Metal As Fuck corresponded with this up and coming act prior to its most recent run of shows in November, which preceded the boys heading down to Hobart to record said first full length with none other than Joe Haley of Psycroptic fame.

MAF: How long has Eternal Rest been around and what other projects have the band members been involved in? 

ER: Eternal Rest has been kicking for a while. [It] started back when we were 14 or 15 [when] some [of us were] just picking up instruments for the first time. Nothing really got too serious till a couple years later when new members started to join the band. Some members of the band are in various other projects [such as] Konskriptor and Crowned.

MAF: Eternal Rest’s Myspace page makes much of the fact that this is a young band. How old are the band members and what advantages do you feel youth gives the band?

ER: The band has all only just turned 18 this year, with the addition of our new bassist this year who is turning 20. We feel this doesn’t really give us an advantage as such; [it] just gives us a few more early years to get our feet and really produce some good music and to play a lot more shows! 

MAF: How would you describe Eternal Rest’s sound?

 ER: Our sound is very unique. The sound has influence from big bands but has our own personal writing style placed on it. To put us in a genre I would say melodic death metal.

MAF: In December Eternal Rest will be recording its first full length album with Psycroptic’s Joe Haley in Tasmania. What are your thoughts on this?

ER: We are completely stoked on this! We can’t wait to get down there and hang out and really learn some things from one of the best mentors/bands in the genre.

MAF: What do you feel Haley will be able to add to your sound as the producer?

ER: We feel the music he knows, plays and records is similar to our genre so what better person to make our first album sound its best! We hope to produce with him an album that hasn’t been heard in the scene; something new and exciting still backing the same roots!

MAF: You have just ten days to complete recording the album from start to finish. How much pressure does the band feel about this?

ER: We try to not really think about the time we have to complete it in rather the tasks that need to happen each day. With the preparation, practise and tours leading up to the recording makes us feel very confident.

MAF: Do you have a label lined up to release your first full length or will this be an independent release?

ER: As of about a week ago we have signed with Hardline Media who will release the album sometime early next year. We are stoked to see what will come from this and cant wait to get working with Doug at Hardline!

MAF: This month Eternal Rest will embark on a run of pre-show dates around Australia. How much previous tour experience does the band have and what are you looking forward to about this tour?

ER: The band had only really played local shows in the first few years of performing until this year when we decided to get things moving a lot faster. This year we have been on three tours over QLD, NSW and VIC making it four with the pre-release run. The thing we are looking forward to most about this tour is getting to sample some of the tracks that are going to be on the album.

MAF: Eternal Rest has opened up for prominent international touring bands such as Unearth and The Black Dahlia Murder. What did you learn from playing with bands such as these?

ER: Playing with bands like these was mind blowing the crowd was fairly large and everyone was very pumped up. Was good to see a big band at work and how they went about things.

MAF: What do you like to see at an Eternal Rest show?

ER: A row of head bangers at the front and a lot of people all round enjoying the music.

MAF: How has support been for Eternal Rest in your home country?

ER: The support has been great for Eternal Rest. We have many fan bases in towns all up the east coast of Australia, particularly in Brisbane, Coffs Harbour area and Sydney. We can’t wait to get back to these towns after the album drops.

MAF: What is your opinion of the death metal scene in Australia, the Australian metal scene in general, and also the scene in your native Brisbane?

ER: I believe the death metal scene in Aus is strong but I can see its only getting stronger, this goes for locally as well. It’s good to see more and more bands and fans liking the genre.

MAF: What are your aspirations as far as touring overseas?

ER: We plan to venture overseas whenever we can, And as far as our funds will take us. We would love to play on some European festivals!

MAF: What are Eternal Rest’s main goals for the future of the band?

ER: To just get on the road as much as possible, continue to write better music and to hopefully make a living off it one day