'I'm pretty good at avoiding yawn-inducing events' - Looking back at 2011 with Aeon of Horus' Ben Hocking

The affable Canberran percussionist talks us through his year...

Ben - what was the best album you bought this year?

Steven Wilson - Grace for Drowning

And what about the best album you’ve heard this year but never got round to buying?

Leprous - Bilateral

Enough of the pleasantries... Worst Album you bought this year?

Dream Theater - A Dramatic Turn of Events (Only got the album for the DVD.. Which is great)

Best Band you saw live in 2011?


And what, for you, was/is/will be the most exciting event of the year?

The Sonic Forge festival in Melbourne.

Sleepy time. What was the most yawn-inducing event of 2011?

I am pretty good at avoiding "yawn-inducing" events.

What will you be drinking at Midnight on December 31 to see in 2012?

The Blackberry Lambic that Scott and I made earlier this year. It should be aged to perfection by then.

Enough about you... who is your tip to break out of the underground and into the general consciousness in 2012?

The Levitation Hex, Alarum and Aeon of Horus

And now to the future. What does 2012 hold in store for you?

We will be heading into the studio to record the next album as soon as possible. That is number one for us at the moment.

And what is your Christmas message to the readers of Metal as Fuck?

Stay heavy!