'Lulu: Like it, don't like it. Move On' - 2011 As viewed by Anthrax's Scott Ian

Anthrax released one of the best albums of 2011 in Worship Music. Scott Ian knows, cause he bought it!

What was the best album you bought this year?
Besides Anthrax's  Worship Music? Yes, I buy my own records. Volbeat's Beyond Hell/Above Heaven

 What about the best album you’ve heard this year but never got round to buying?
 I got everything I wanted this year!

 And the worst Album you bought this year?
 I didn't buy a worst album. Why would I buy something I didn't like?

 Best Band you saw live in 2011?
 Metallica at Yankee Stadium.

And what, for you, was the most exciting event of the year?
Big 4 at Yankee Stadium.

 Most yawn-inducing event of 2011?
 Negativity towards Lulu. Like it, don't like it. Move on.

 New Years Eve: What will you be drinking at Midnight on December 31 to see in 2012?
 Beer, beer, more beer.

 And who is your tip to break out of the underground and into the general consciousness in 2012?

 2011 is nearly done and dusted. What does 2012 hold in store for you?
 We'll be touring the world all year. See you soon!

 And what is your Christmas message to the readers of Metal as Fuck?

 Have a great holiday, happy new year and thanks for all the support my friends. Cheers, Scott