'Peter Dolving Says Our New Album Kicks Ass!' - My 2011 with Double Dragon's Lee Gardiner

New album 'Sons of Asena' out now!!

Hello there, Lee. Can we just pause to give you a hearty congratulations on the new album? Marvellous stuff. But apart from Double Dragon, what was the best album you bought this year?
A tie between Ritual by The Black Dahlia Murder and Megadeth's  Th1rt3en

And the best album you’ve heard this year but never got round to buying?
Lulu - haha!

What about the worst Album you bought this year?
Machine HeadUnto the Locust          

You are out and about a lot on the road and such. Who was the best Band you saw live in 2011?
Deprivation – live at Festival Of The Dead in Brisbane – they tore it up.

Obviously releasing Sons of Asena was a highpoint for you, but what was your most exciting event of the year?
Having Peter Dolving from The Haunted post a facebook link to our new album saying it “KICKS ASS”

Most yawn-inducing event of 2011?
Listening to the new Machine Head album start to finish.

Time for a livener. What will you be drinking at Midnight on December 31 to see in 2012?

Two Hands Bella’s Garden Shiraz. Beautiful

And who is your tip to break out of the underground and into the general consciousness in 2012?
Exerthur or Alkira. Either of them

The album is out, job done. So what does 2012 hold in store for you?
Hopefully a lot of live shows and lots of travel!

And what is your Christmas message to the readers of Metal as Fuck?
Smile lots, share your love around and  be generous to your family and DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!!!