"We're not reinventing the wheel or anything" - Twenty Questions with S.O.S. Bassist Chris Beattie

Jennifer Lopez should not have pretended to know who Judas Priest were, thinks Chris...

Who are you, and what do you do?

Chris Beattie - Hatebreed/SOS bassist

Where are you?


What will the next food that passes your lips be?

Tuna Fish

If we’re speaking to you, it may well be because you’ve got something to sell – tell us a little about it.-

I`m promoting the debut EP from S.O.S.- I Owe You Nothing.I`m also looking to get rid of my 1981 Camaro Z28.

What’s the best thing about being in your band?

We don`t play shows

And the worst?

Coming up with a band name

Where would you most like to perform that you haven’t already been?

I`d like to play the halftime at the Super Bowl.

Was it a bad thing for Judas Priest to appear on American Idol?

It was bad that the contestant dressed up like Halford and Jennifer Lopez acted like she even knew who Judas Priest was. As far as Judas Priest playing American Idol, who cares. It`s their last tour and they`re Judas Priest. Maybe some kid somewhere will actually become inspired by some good music.

Who or what first alerted you to the fact that you’d like to be a musician?

It just of sort of happened.Just started playing with friends and loved it.

Who would win in a fight between a badger and a baboon? Why?

I`d go with the baboon. Think they`re faster than a badger. Probably do a number on that little fucking creature.

Motley Crue or Nirvana?

Motley Crue

A genie grants you 24 hours as a member of another band – who do you join?

Black Sabbath

Are Cds a dead medium for music delivery?

Yeah, pretty pointless. Going to get a CD just doesn`t mean the same to people these days. Most people would rather steal the music online. Cheap Fucks. I don`t even know why I`m promoting this one.

(14) Only a fool comes off tour with less money in his pocket than he started with. Discuss.

What`s there to discuss? It`s cool when you`re 20 years old but my time is worth money. I got mouths to feed.

What sort of music can you absolutely not abide?

Techno, I don`t consider it music.

Which of your songs would you like the cast of Glee to record?

Hopefully none of them.

What one item of non-musical equipment can you not do without on tour?

iPod Touch.

Can you do a Hospital Corner?

With enough practice I`m sure I can

Here’s one last chance to spruik your band/tour/album... What else should we know about it?
Go buy S.O.S.`s EP as soon as you can.You will not be disappointed. We`re not reinventing the wheel or anything, just bringing you some good hardcore music. Make sure to catch Hatebreed on the SoundWave Festival in September.We`re excited to be coming back to Australia..
20 questions was brought to you by?

Chris Beattie