Cryptopsy: "We have been striving for such a sound since Ungentle Exhumation."

A pure return to form....

When the editor of MaF Scott Adams invited me to interview Flo Mounier (one of the best drummers on Earth and one of the idols of death metal) I was in shock. Like I was in shock some years ago when Cryptopsy released The Unspoken King, their so called deathcore album. Like I'm in shock now to hear that Cryptopsy's, new full-length has nothing to do with the previous album. It's shockingly the best album ever from the band. Following chat is with Mr. Mounier, who probably is the most easy going guy in deah metal world.

Hello Mr. Flo Mounier How are you doing? How do you manage to record a killer CD and still have time for gigs and interviews? "I'm doing good thank you. Well, since the recording is now over i have time to do these things which are a very necessary process for a new album." 

How do you think fans will receive this new work? I loved it, and so far as I am asking my friends in the US and Europe, they are saying the tracks they heard are a pure return to form. What are your expectations? "Well it's always cool and rewarding when people dig what you do, so far so good. My expectations would be that people like it as much as we (the band) do and have fun listening to it as it was a lot of fun for us to compose it."

Tell us about the distribution for those who will want to get a physical copy… Will the fans going be able to get the CD directly from the band, or will it be properly distributed in Europe and North America? "Fans will be able to get the CD which ever way they choose. Through us it's direct through our site (with band camp), either physical or by digital download. It will also be available a little later in stores in North America and Europe. Our partnership with Revolution Harmony Records, Candlelight and PlasticHead distribution will make sure of that. it will also be available through all the internet digital platforms like I-tunes, Amazon, etc…So if you want it you'll find it."

Do you think that The Unspoken King was a flop? What did you learn from that experience? I read an interview with the last guitarist Alex Auburn saying that guttural vocals were terrible and so on… Do you believe having Jon Levasseur back In the band brought the old spirit back? "No I don't think that TUK was a flop at all! But it was a departure from our usual writing team of Jon and I. Your question actually ties everything together. Since i had never written with Alex before tunes came out a little different then older Cryptopsy. But there's a lot of cool stuff going on on the record. Now that Jon is back the writing felt more natural for me at least and our chemistry brought to light Cryptopsy. "

We all know that fans are always nostalgic about the old classics of a band (E.G None So Vile), but in my opinion Cryptosy is your best album to date. What’s your opinion about this album?  "Thank you! I cannot pass that kind of judgement on our albums but what i can say is that the sound of this last album is the best ever. We have been striving for such a sound since Ungentle Exhumation, I can also say that I very much enjoy playing the songs off of the new one."

What have you guys been listening to lately? And, of course, share with us your musical influences, and what lead you to play drums and to enter in a band.  "I have so many influences it's not even funny!!! hahaha. Too many to mention just a few. I like good music and that is so personally variable. But since you're from Australia (note: I'm from Brazil, DD) i'll mention a band i have been listening to a lot lately, Karnivool. Love their stuff, can't wait for the new album."

Typing on Google “best metal drummers” one can see that you are in some of the lists. What do you think about your drumming, and do you study other styles outside of metal (like jazz for instance) to keep improving more and more? "Yes absolutely! I think that learning and listening to all sorts of styles plays a huge part of becoming unique and well rounded as a musician. My drumming always has room for improvement and it always will. I am very flattered that people like what i do."

Talking about jazz, where in the hell did you come up with that free-jazz idea in the song Red-Skinned Scapegoat? And what about that glimpse of bossa-nova in Damned Draft Dodgers? "Haha, Jon had this idea for a Jazz part which we put together, then Chris (who is a graduate in Jazz guitar studies) came in with the soloing on top of it. We have always added jazzy or latiny feels throughout our albums, this one was a little bit longer. The Bossa-nova part is just a joke, elevator music sandwiched between two violent blast beat parts."

I don’t have the lyrics, so tell us about the song Shag Harbour's Visitors… Do you believe in aliens and creatures from outer space?  "It's all based on true happenings in Canada. I do believe that there has to be some kind of other life forms in this infinite space. It would be nice to have proof though!' 

Having  Christian Donaldson in at the helm of production makes things easier for the whole process of recording? "Oh yeah, Chris is awesome!!! First he's an amazing guitar player and second an incredible producer! He picks up details that fly right over everyone else's heads. Like i said before this is to Jon and I the best that Cryptopsy has ever sounded and all very natural, so hats off to Chris."

What are your plans for the near future?  "Hopefully a lot of touring, and revisiting old friends around the world!"