Dehumanized - An inside look into what fuels the fire...

Dehumanized's George Torres talks albums , Influences and overwhelming reactions from fans.
All I had to see was the word 'Dehumanized' in my inbox and I knew this is the one. The band is back and better then ever with a new album...  the men who paved the way with so many of the greats in death metal! So many questions and just at the right time. These boys are heavyweights of slam and yet still so unique and humble. What is their thought process? What do they want to say to the world and their diehard fans? Theose are just a couple of questions I had burning in my brain and so I’m grateful to George Torres for taking the time to sit down and give us an in depth look into the minds of Dehumanized.
First off for readers that may be unfamiliar with your band, how did the band form? And can I have a brief history of the band? "Dehumanized started in 1995 with myself on drums & vocals Rich Nagasawa on guitars/bass and vocals and Mike Palacios on guitar.  Rich and I had known each other from shows he was playing in a thrash band called Charnel House and I just went to shows but was learning to play drums; through a mutual friend we hooked up at this studio, Short Circuit, and realized we knew each other and the rest was history.  We started writing the Terminal Punishment Demo and recorded the demo Christmas Eve.  Rich and I did all the vocals as well as our other duties on guitars and drums; we didn’t give a shit about not having a vocalist   we just wanted to get our music out there".  
When developing your new album what type of recording process did you use? Who produced your Recording? "There is no process we just jam the songs until we can play them with our eyes closed.  We produced all of our own recordings - our demo, the album Prophecies Foretold, were all done by us then was licensed through Pathos Productions. This new album Controlled Elite we had completely done when we started talking with Comatose Music. It made the negotiations that much easier".
With Controlled Elite you have decided to team up with members of Suffocation. Is that something you've wanted to do for a while? And how did it come about? "Well Full Force Recordings - the studio where we recorded Controlled Elite - is owned by Joe Cincotta who is close friends with the guys from Suffocation and he is located near where they all live, so they came down to the studio to hang out.  We asked them if they would do us a great honour and do some vocals and a lead and they said yes.  The songs that Frank (Mullen) and Terrance (Hobbs) are on came out that much more ridiculous and again I can’t stress it enough how honoured we are.  It’s not every day your major influence graces your album with their skills... for us it was a dream come true!"
When writing lyrics, are they your personal feelings or thoughts? Is there a point you’re hoping to get across to your listeners? "Yes. Dehumanized has always been about writing about real events and mental breakdown and shit. We weren’t into the gore lyrics.  In the demo we had a mix of shit but it was always about evil and going crazy and end of the world type  shit.  This album our vocalist Mike Centrone had free rein and he is a very deep fellow.  We are just trying to make people aware of what’s going on in everyday life.  For the most part the lyrics are our beliefs and shit. I like my music to mean something and not be some made up stew of gore and blood. It makes the music that more heavy and brutal. But that’s just my opinion."
Controlled Elite is your first album in almost fifteen years, since your timeless classic Prophecies Foretold. When you reflect on the time that's passed, are there any moments or events that stand out for you? (laughs) "In regards to music I’ve just been shocked to see what an impact Prophecies Foretold had on people. I would’ve never thought that we'd get any recognition from that one album and as far as everyday life... fuck yeah 9/11, all the bullshit happening in America today, I mean that all stands out. It fuels our fire to write the music we write". 
From a personal standpoint, what made you decide that Dehumanized was something you wanted to continue with? "Well I played drums in Mortician and Skinless and I wasn’t a founding member of those bands and I always said I’d like to still do this with Dehumanized. So it was a goal to get Dehumanized out there and really complete what we should’ve done 14 years ago.  It would be a waste if we didn’t."
Is this record going to be a new creative chapter for the band, or are we looking at an album that's similar in style to your earlier stuff? "This album has mix of songs we had written from where the demo left off and to where Prophecies... began. Some of the songs on this album were written even before Prophecies... but we had never used them and we brought a few back to life after messing around with them so if you really listen and compare you will hear similarities from both releases and this album which will give you an idea around when they were written."
Being NYC heavyweights of slam, how do you feel the support has been on the announcement of this release? (More laughter) - "Heavyweights... the support has been ridiculous! People have been writing me in anticipation of this album and I’d never imagine it meant so much to this many people.  It’s simply amazing and we are very grateful for the loyalty of the fans and our friends as well."
Who are your musical influences and why? "We all have a variety of influences; mine would be Anthrax – NY thrash what else! Nasum – Swedish grind Gods. They changed my whole outlook on writing songs. Pestilence... the band that got me into death metal and I tattooed myself in honour of them! And of course the mighty Suffocation  just to name a few.  All these bands wrote the heaviest, most uncompromising music for their genres and it was music I wanted to emulate and I wanted to get the response from the crowd that they did. I wanted to live the dream."
How do you describe your music to people? "Brutal, heavy death grind is how I usually describe our music."
What do you see or hope to see for Dehumanized in the near future? Any plans for a tour? "I just hope to see us alive and well playing for every and anyone who will listen and yes keep an ear out, major things are coming our way!"  
I don't usually ask this but... These days a lot of bands want to stick to their roots but are persuaded to fit into a 'mould'. Did you find it hard not to slip into making something more mainstream? "We pretty much created what we would want to hear from a band.We like breakdowns and blasts, I mean we listen to a lot of bands and they do influence but when we write music we write what WE like and not what we think people want to hear."
Thank you very much for your time. Is there anything you want to say or information you'd like to add to close the interview off? "Buy our album Controlled Elite on Comatose Music and keep an eye out for us because Dehumanized is coming! Check us on on Facebook as well and tell all your fucking friends about us!"