Devildriver: Beast Is An Absolute Brute

"We Cut Heads Off With The Music of Devildriver"...

Devildriver are amongst some of the most cunning musicians in the world, spreading their venom rapidly whilst recruiting millions. Described as an amalgamation of groove metal, melodic and death metal, the American four piece are luring Australian crowds once again this autumn to bear witness to the Beast. Metal As Fuck had an opportunity to chat to the Juggenauts vocalist, Dez Fafara whilst he was making the rounds last week, and came to the conclusion that Devildriver doesn’t require a label. No sense keeping that brute pinned in a box, I hear it bites…..

The Metal Alliance tour is drawing to a close in the US, how is it all going so far? “Good, yeah going really great, we have now finished the last bill of 22, it has been huge, the support bands have been great and the fans; truly a kick ass way to begin” and what separates a good tour from a bad tour from a band standpoint? “Well the people, the people make up a great tour and/or a show. We have a good time on the road and on stage regardless however there has to be energy from the bands and the fans you know that swarming, ear piercing excitement. We’ve been on the road now since 2002 and I don’t think anybody tours as hard as we do [laughs] so yeah we know a thing or two about tours - energy, hard work and a good vibe - now that makes a great tour”

So you are currently (and successfully I might add) continuing the promotion of the 2011 release Beast bringing it with you to the Australian shows in May. How has the response been with the album throughout 2011 and into 2012? “The response has been incredible; the album made the top 40 on the USA charts which is insane! The fans think its killer – which is what you want, it’s definitely an album that has defined what we do and who we are, honing the sound, perfecting the craft, I could go on for hours [laughs]. Beast is definitely that, an absolute brute and we are stoked to be making our way back to Australian shores, you guys are crazy in the mosh pits”.

I think the last Devildriver pit I was in I was hit upside the head with a hotdog roll, Soundwave – I love to hate it. As we both try to compose ourselves after a variety of bakery jokes we continue our chat.

So what is the albums main allure in your opinion? It seemed to dig its claws in quite well with fans. “The album is very visceral. It has a volatile nature, lots of energy and screaming, it’s basically everything you want to hear from Devildriver in this day and age, a total amalgamation, which is what we are famous for giving to the crowds and our fans. The music of Devildriver is what you make of it, so unpredictable, so explosive and impulsive, we like pushing the boundaries - we cuts heads off with the music of Devildriver!” Or beat them with hotdog rolls, I add…..

The band, disinclined to pin down a genre – would this create an advantage for you in the sense that it allows room for experimentation as such rather than being locked down? “Yeah for sure! It’s important for all bands to collaborate first and foremost, so with all this collaborating you have way too many styles, sometimes it can be labeled, sometimes not and in this case, not which is the way we like the music to be. You can’t just put a tab on things and place it in a box. Bands need to find their signature sound regardless if it can be brand named, that’s the beauty of music, it is precarious at times, who would want it any other way. The sound of Devildriver is distinctive, it keeps moving forward and always keeps you guessing.

So what does Devildriver represent and what influence has Devildriver had on you and the attitude of the music? “Its personal to me you know, it’s my way of life, it represents the risks I’ve taken in my life, music is life for me, sometimes it’s risky but that is just how life is meant to be you know”.

Has there been a departing from Roadrunner Records? I hear you boys are free agents at the moment? “Yeah, I mean we haven’t closed the books to any offers but, er, in terms of labels, we want to separate ourselves from the states at the moment and concentrate on Australia. Roadrunner you know they’re a metal label so they know what they’re doing, you’re in safe hands no matter what country”.

There have been talks about the next Devildriver album, the big number 6 if I’m not mistaken. “Yes, well we are looking into a new album, it’s far too early to start naming the specifics, and we always need to be in that vibe you know the vibe in order to write a killer album. We know we want to go forward with the sound of the music, definitely something to get you hooked, we love jumping outside the box and we also are fortunate that we aren’t pressured by the industry or the label, so there is no pressure on the music, gives it a chance to breath and form a life of its own, we are really very lucky in that sense.