'I want everybody to hear Rival Sons!' Engel's Niclas Engelin Tells us about the music that rocks his world.

We won't hold that against you, Niclas...

Hey Niclas, sorry to spring this on you, but we’re coming to your house tonight. What new music are you most excited to introduce us to? What are you making everyone listen to at the moment?
WOW..and it´s tonight..right!! Then I will introduce you to Mercyful Fate´s Don’t Break The Oath or King Diamond´s Abigail!! I want everyone to hear Rival Sons!!

Five hours later we’ll still be there and, politely, you’ll be wanting to get rid of us – what goes on the stereo to clear the house?
I Will put on my all time fave Motörhead, No Sleep til´Hammersmith!!

What was the first record you can remember hearing at home? Did it have any effect on where you are today?
I wtill love that song by Mike OldfieldMoonlight Shadow!! And yes I still do enjoying listening to that tune even today which is a good sign of a good song!!

And what was the first record you bought with your own money? And why?
Think it was Saxon Crusader because when I first heard the intro to song and seeing the cover art, I was like…WOW!!!!!

Any records in the collection you bought because you liked the cover, only to get them home and realize you’d made a terrible, terrible error?
Hmmm…not really, not that I can think of right now I think I understood early on that music and cover have to go together BUT Grim Reaper´s Rock you to Hell is a good album with death metal cover art..hahaha

If you didn’t answer this in question (3) what was the first record to make you think you might like to try your hand at rock n’roll yourself?
Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith. ´the inner sleeve is just fantastic and very inspirational!!

And what record is so good it makes you feel like giving the whole game away every time you hear it?

Mercyful FateDon´t Break The Oath!!

What record for you most fits the term ‘Metal as Fuck’?

The first Metal Church album with the same title or SwordMetalized!!

What decade is most represented in your record collection?
80's and 90's because that´s when I grew up and was finding out all the music but I still buy a lot of music!!

What would you recommend to unbelievers as the best ‘entry level’ metal record in your collection?
I would say maybe Judas Priest – Defenders Of The Faith or Motörhead – No Sleep Til´Hammersmith

And what album from your collection should be in every other home in the land, apart from one of your own? Everyone should own a copy of?

Candlemass' Epicus Doomicus Metallicus!!

What’s the vinyl/CD split of your collection?

Around 300 vinyls and maybe 700 cd´s

And finally, what record would you take with you to the next world, if such as thing exists?

Mercyful Fate – Don´t Break The Oath!!