King Parrot: "Jason Fuller is the best knob handler we've ever worked with..."

King Parrot Know A Thing Or Two About Bringing The Bastard...

The annual Bastardfest tour is well underway, with an intimidating amount of misbegottens plagueing Australia with chants and rants of bastardry. Metal As Fuck were fortunate enough to grab some insight and opinion on both the Bastardfest campaign and the Australian heavy metal scene with Matt Young of Australia’s own King Parrot...

What makes a bastard Matt? “It’s not what makes a bastard; it’s what goes missing after the making. King Parrot aren’t bastards in the general sense of the word however that being said we are definitely a bunch of arseholes”. The band- having affiliations with the mecca of bastadry that is Bloodduster with their latest album co produced by Jason Fuller himself: we wanted to get the 411 on the liaison “What a cunt [Laughs]. We worked perfectly together. All we can say about Jason is that he is very experienced with knobs. We would go as far as saying he is the best knob handler we’ve ever come across. He loves knobs. We love him. Confused? Neither are we”.

What is it about the music of King Parrot that qualified the band for Bastardfest? “We gave birth to the songs and none of us ever want anything to do with them again. It’s illegitimate music living off a sole parent income, the true nature of the bastard”. King Parrot have been playing the circuit for only a couple of years and in that time the band have released an EP,  which fans devoured all copies almost immediately, the band attribute their success to ‘honest music played by ugly men’ It was no surprise that the band also enjoy the more organic style of music: “We’re about writing good metal and playing it well at our shows. We represent the fact that guitars with six strings and bass guitars with four strings can make great metal. There’s no need for all the shit that other sissies need like eleven string guitars and seven string basses. When you create something that is familiar, but also adds your originality to it, looking back in twelve months you’ll see that we are in fact the trend setters – the taste makers. So get fucked” spouts Young. The music of King Parrot is described as "pandering to no trends or fads" how important is this to the band? “It’s everything. Obviously we’re all a reflection of our influences. When you do what we do, like create something that is familiar but has squeezed its own original stamp onto it ".

What sorts of challenges were faced in the creation of the album? “The challenge is the one that will always exist for hard doing dudes like our good selves – money. That said, we work hard and thanks to our fans and the way we interact with them we’ve been able to write, record and manufacture everything ourselves. We own our shit, even if its shit, it’s our shit. Shit yeah”.

The release of the band’s first album; Bite Your Head Off: what did you want to accomplish in the album? “We wanted to capture the live sound and energy from our shows on the recording. We think we did that. There’s too many over produced recordings of bands with guitar and drum sounds that just aren’t realistic these days”. The King Parrot national tour is in full swing now in conjunction with Bastardfest, what can punters expect from the live show? “It is a sight to see! We think we’re putting on one of the best shows out there in Aussie metal. We’re taking away from what the predictable new school bands are doing. I’ve started pissing my jeans on stage, Slatts has taken to leopard skin underpants and drawing cocks all over himself. Rizzo our drummer is one of the most disturbing individuals you’re likely to meet, and Squiz is the chronic. We’re just gonna keep evolving and putting on the most entertaining show we possibly can, just don’t get in our way!”