Lamb of God: Resolution Is Here!

Lamb of God, The Perfect Mixture of Power, Rage, Tradition & Craft.

For nearly two decades Lamb of God have proven to be the Demigods of both wrath and legion. Capturing the gritty essence of American heavy metal; Lamb of God bridged the gap between the nineties and propelled metalcore into the homes of millions of heavy metal enthusiasts around the world. The latest album Resolution is the follow up to their Grammy nominated album Wrath and hits the world with a merciless force today. Resolution is a testament to the bands abilities and their ever so unique and admired 'we don't give a fuck' attitude.

Metal as Fuck caught up with Lamb of God's; John Campbell to discuss the new album and the efforts to postpone ageing.

The new album Resolution is a perfect mix of power and rage, tradition and craft. Due for release today (January 20th), what can be expected from the new album? "This past year we have slogged our guts out for basically the entire year, This record is the most important record we feel we have written so far, its evolution, it's the next step. There are your heavy metal songs you expect from Lamb of God for 2012, lyrically darker and inspired by a lot of personal stress the members have experienced, its crushing, its inspiring and we're really excited about getting it out there".

For seventeen years the band have captivated audiences worldwide with its jaw dropping animation. What elements are important to the music of Lamb of God? "We like the fact that our music catches you off guard, music has to be exciting, it has to woop ass, playing our music live is the best way to experience it. It's five guys who came together with their passion for heavy metal, we stay consistent, it's been sixteen years, that's the point. You can trust the music to give you the same experience as we have writing it. We don't push development; we just grow with the music".

What was the most challenging aspect with the new album? "Odd question, what's the most challenging aspect of your job? [Laughs] I guess the most challenging part would be writing music that we feel passionate about, that we know our fans will be passionate about, music they can relate to, the music they expect from us. Lamb of God has that bite you know, that aggression, we try to make sure our music always holds this quality. The effort in that is the biggest challenge hands down".

The lyrical meanings behind the songs; hypocrisy and the faults in personalities, do you find you're on the same page with subject matter? "Generally speaking yes, we have the primary song writers, whatever the lyrics that are chosen, we tend to make sure we put enough amount of emphasis behind the music so the energy just goes into over-drive".

Lamb of God are renowned for memorable riffs and inspirational themes to your music to say the very least. Do you feel there is still more to say? Could you see yourselves doing this say for another ten years? "We're definitely not looking forward to walking away that's for sure; Lamb of God has taken a tonne of effort to have it become what it is now, a lot of people behind it and supporting it. There is always something to say, as people we are constantly affected by the world around us; it's all inspiring - the good and the bad. Who knows we may even be doing this whilst pushing each other’s wheel chairs onto the stage, who knows" [laughs]

What inspires you as a musician and as a band to continue this crazy life? "Yeah it is crazy, but it's definitely the passion for music that we all share that keeps us going, there is nothing like playing your ass off to a pit of 70,000 crazed fans. We're lucky to do what we do; lucky to tell our story and have that story resonate through to the fans. It's a tough life also, so many sacrifices but in the end it's all worth it".

What is the anticipated response to the latest album "Resolution'?” It's a big record with big meaning, we spent like 12 months writing the material, for the first time in our history Mark [Morton] was writing the material for Resolution whilst touring on the Wrath cycle, so many ideas were flowing, whenever he had a spare minute he was writing. It has a lot of energy this album, energy poured from every direction. Like all bands we want the fans to be able to enjoy it, what's the purpose if no one is enjoying it. We put a lot of heart and soul into this record and can't wait to unleash it".

After a seventeen year career, do you still get the 'goosebumps' with releasing a new album or touring with a new album? Yeah definitely, unleashing a finished product you've poured your blood sweat and tears into is both exciting and terrifying, you have your fingers crossed that it doesn't get leaked before its release date, that really sucks and your anticipation of feedback, your hope that the fans dig the music. Right now, we have down time before a massive tour with Resolution. Rehearsing frenzy before we hit the road! We start with a home show in Virginia on the 22 January, the week of release which has us over five states doing shows, then Asia, thought we might come rock you guys at Soundwave then New Zealand. We have our very first shows in Alaska, South America and India this year, so yeah it's still exciting, seeing new places, meeting new people, getting more fans, it's still a buzz after all these years. Touring sucks in a lot of ways to, there is a lot of sacrifice involved, in the beginning it was sixteen years of not making any money [laughs] but there are definitely the positives, we get to do what we do and it's amazing".

Lamb of God hit Australian shores for the countries Soundwave Festival next month and with them bringing the tyrant, Resolution.