'Our new album Manala will have them partying in the Underworld!" Korpiklaani's Jonne Jarvela Shares his Record Collection with MaF

They've got a new album out next month, but for now Korpiklaani's frontman gives us a look at his record collection.

Jonne - We’re coming to your house tonight. What new music are you most excited to introduce us to? What are you making everyone listen to at the moment?
I just bought a new Viikate album called Petäjäveräjät. I got it on vinyl and it is really good shit. Right after that I would make you listen to Accept's Stalingrad album.

Five hours later we’ll still be there and, politely, you’ll be wanting to get rid of us – what goes on the stereo to clear the house?
Traditional Finnish folk music collection. I love it but I’m quite sure to get rid of you with that album.

What was the first record you can remember hearing at home? Did it have any effect on where you are today?
Hurriganes' Roadrunner. It’s been rockin’ my life from the beginning of my life to these days. I wouldn’t do this without that album.

And what was the first record you bought with your own money? And why?
Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind because of the cool cover. Great album though.

Talking of record covers, Do you have any records in the collection you bought because you liked the cover, only to get them home and realize you’d made a terrible, terrible error?
Oh yeah, many. I can remember some Stryper album, an Exciter album, Krokus… in the 80’s you couldn’t check the bands before you bought the album like now, in the internet age.

If you didn’t answer this in question (3) what was the first record to make you think you might like to try your hand at rock n’roll yourself?
It was 1984 when Kiss released Animalize, W.A.S.P. the first album, Iron Maiden Powerslave, Motörhead No Remorse (I got it with the leather cover!) Metallica Ride The Lightning, Van Halen 1984, Judas Priest Defenders Of The Faith, Twisted Sister Stay Hungry… Hell of a year for heavy metal and for me. This was the year when I sold my soul and knew what to do with my life.

And what record is so good it makes you feel like giving the whole game away every time you hear it?

Never felt like that.

What record for you most fits the term ‘Metal as Fuck’

Judas Priest's Painkiller.

What decade is most represented in your record collection?
The 80’s

What would you recommend to unbelievers as the best ‘entry level’ metal record in your collection?

Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

And what album from your collection should be in every other home in the land, apart from one of your own?

Motörhead - No Remorse.

What’s the vinyl/CD split of your collection?
About half and half.

And finally, what record would you take with you to the next world, if such as thing exists?

Korpiklaani - Manala (The next Korpiklaani album, which comes out at August. Manala means Underworld, home of the dead people) Other boys and girls there would love it and we could continue the party!