Screaming for Vengeance - A tribute

We asked some of our friends from the wonderful world of metal their thoughts on this iconic album, which turns thirty today...


Neil Turbin (Deathriders, ex-Anthrax)

“I was there to witness Judas Priest perform on the Screaming for Vengeance and Point of Entry tours. While the PoE tour was amazing and I was there at the pier on the west side on the last show of the tour. KK and Rob gave their vests, their leathers and guitar straps to the fans. That was all the old school leather studded by hand and not the pleather stuff! some lucky fans walked away from the Priest concert with that! Holy fukkin lotto jackpot Batman! The show was incredible with Rob's unmatched high ripping vocals and the great energy and one of the most killer shows ever. So when they returned to Madison Square Garden in 1982, they had a lot to live up to and man did they ever, opening up with The Hellion into Electric Eye. It was awesome; The Motorcyle, all the great old school classic Priest songs. Halford and the Priest were spot on and nailed it. That should have been their live video from the tour. One of the greatest concerts ever and it was also amazing to witness Iron Maiden on The Number Of The Beast Tour opening the show. Mindblowing and life changing.” 

Adam Agius (The Levitation Hex, Alchemist)

“It’s often said that Black Sabbath invented metal; they very well may have but Judas Priest were the band that extinguished all links to the blues and rock as they forged their heavy metal sound. By the time Screaming for Vengeance was born that sound was set in stone. Thirty years on Screaming for Vengeance still gets a blast at my home and I’m guessing It's still as important to most fans as the first time they heard it."

Steve Worley (Sacrificial Slaughter)

“I dont know what to say except “ Screeeeeaming, Screamin' for Vengeance!”

Ciulaz (Synapses)

“To create that killer sound in ’82 was unthinkable!”

Mark Sugar (Trials)

“When I was 14, a kid in my class introduced me to the music of Judas Priest. The first song (well, songs) he played me was The Hellion/Electric Eye. Still one of the most badass intros in all of rock music, right up there with Black Sabbath. And Halford's scream in the title track...holy shit. Priest was essential to my growth as a musician, and a lot of their best stuff is on Screaming For Vengeance.”

Steve ‘Zetro’ Sousa (Hatriot, Dublin Death Machine, ex-Exodus)

“When I first heard The Hellion and then having it go into Electric Eye, it literally sent goosebumps down my spine. It's the album that solidified Judas Priest's place in the world.”

Csaba Zvekan (Raven Lord, Vindictiv, Exorcism)

“We are all still screaming for vengeance even after  30 years! What a  hell of an album this was, with songs like You've Got Another Thing Comin' and Electric Eye still kicking our asses today! This record sure was a milestone, one I still enjoy listening to these days. A true classic and definitely influential.” 

Xander Demos

British Steel let the world know that Judas Priest was the real deal. Two years later, Screaming For Vengeance let the world know that they would reign at the top of the metal mountain. It was a defining moment that changed the metal world forever."

Jim Parsons (Director – The Big 4 Live in Sofia)

“Hard to put into words how good an album it is... The vinyl wore out, the cassette wore out, I just played it to death... never skipped a track and still to this day one of the few albums that should have the shuffle feature disabled on itunes. This was the album where Glenn and KK stepped up to the plate and showed the new breed they could shred...  I can't pick a favourite track. Better just put in on again.. words can't describe...


I'm made of metal.. my circuits gleam.I am perpetual, I keep the country clean.”

Jordan Howe (Saint Lucifer)

“Judas Priest is in my opinion the 1st real metal band. Sure Sabbath came before them but JP were the 1st to strip away the blues to play pure badass music and SFV is one of their greatest albums without doubt. My personal fave is You got Another Thing Comin' but the whole album rocks hard! Awesome twin guitars, powerful vocals and great song writing made JP the legends they are today. A classic album from one of the all time great bands”

Mitchell Allred (Dogbane)

“Growing up here in the states during the 70's, I was first introduced to heavy metal through Kiss.  My musical experience was furthered by stealing a box of 8 tracks from my uncle, which contained the music of Black Sabbath and Steppenwolf, along with a Harley Davidson belt buckle.  So I was familiar with the term heavy metal, but that term never rang true until I heard Screaming for Vengeance.  To me this was the first album that had a metallic sheen to it.  The album was very futuristic sounding to me.  I saw their video via a young upstart television company called MTV.  The voice of Rob Halford, and the dual guitar attack of Glenn Tipton and K.K. Downing was something that has never left me.  Judas Priest are a part of everything that Dogbane does.  I am very proud of that fact, and as a musician I am in their collective debt.”

Jeremy Golden (Owner, Heaven and Hell Records)

“I’m not sure if Screaming for Vengeance was the first Judas Priest album I ever heard but I’m pretty positive it was songs from that album. I remember as a kid of about ten years of age I was riding my bike around the corner from my house and I stopped in front of a neighbour’s house a couple of doors down. There on the steps sat a guy who I could best describing as looking like Carl from Agua-Teen Hunger Force, complete with beer in hand and Camaro in the driveway. I remember the loud music being blasted from behind him coming out of the opened windows and it was nothing like the Duran Duran, Rick Springfield, and Journey I normally listened to. All I could make out of this loud and abrasive noise was the chorus: “You’ve got another thing coming...” So I asked him what it was he was listening to and he replied simply in a southern twang , “that’s Judas Priest man” while he raised and closed a fist. I stayed there on the sidewalk and listened to a few more songs and the track Devil’s Child certainly caught my attention. What is cooler to a ten year boy than the devil, and to a boy like me who ran around pretending he was Swan from The Warriors movie, it just seemed a fitting theme, playing rebel. However the only words I knew was “Devil’s Child”. I even for a while afterthat tried to adopt the nickname Devil’s Child but it did not catch on. One night at a show I shared the story with Chris Bennett of Widow and he began to laugh and then replied by saying, “that guy lived down the street from me too”. And well I suppose I have to thank that nameless guy for giving me my first dose of Judas Priest; now any time that name is mentioned I reflect back to that day of my youth and hear him saying, “That’s Judas Priest man”

King Fowley (Deceased)

“This record for me is the perfect blend of melody and Priest in-your-face-heavy. The songs all have direction and the delivery is pulled off with absolute intensity. the production has that right combination of balls and slickness. (Take These) Chains is my standout on this. played this everyday for a year after i bought it the day it came out in july of 82. Absolutely one of my favorite Priest records, and the last great one as far as i'm concerned.”

Marshall ‘Fucking’ Beck (Reign of Vengeance, Rebirth)

"It's Judas Priest - their name, reputation, and albums speak for themselves. Nothing else needs to be said, really."

Stu Marshall (Empires of Eden, Saint Lucifer, ex-Dungeon)

“Groundbreaking and crushing. The opening track is a head crusher and one of the first fast tempo Priest tracks I heard. Sharp cutting production helped to bring this beast alive."

Krille Kellerman (Aggressive Chill)

“It`s hard, It`s Heavy, It`s Epic, It`s Classic! Never will i forget when I heard The Hellion kicking off the album, at a party, at a friends house, (Feels like 100 years ago now) The epic feel of this intro is unbeliveble. It goes into Electric Eye, which has become a Judas Priest classic how opener. Never had I heard that kind of intence hard music in that way before. The twin guitar puts the laws of physics on shaking ground! This is 1982 ladies and gangsters - look at the music scene at the time and compare it to Screaming for Vengeance. It`s Fucking Scary! I wonder what Tom Allom and the Priest felt in the studio control-room when they listened through the album? WHAT HAVE WE DONE?! This album is really up there, never to be out of time or style, if you don`t think so..... "You've Got Another Thing Comin'"... A big ‘Salut’ to the Priest from Aggressive Chill!”

Jamie Mallender (Raven Lord)

“If there is one album that defines the heavy metal genre for me, it has to be Screaming For Vengeance. Judas Priest set the bar very high with this seminal release, and though it has been emulated many times, it has never been surpassed.”

Meatgrinder (Antropofagus)

"This album represents heavy metal for me! The sounds were powerful and perfect! It's an anthem for a generation who grew up with studs and metal!"

Peter Ellis (Monument, ex-White Wizzard)

Screaming for Vengeance is my second favourite Priest album after Painkiller. Every single song is crafted masterfully, the performances are phenomenal and the production is really crisp and clear for it's time! Definitely one of those albums that I would recommend to someone that just got into metal to check out. A true classic!"

Keith Spargo (Silencer)

“It was my first Priest album as a kid, and the title track alone pretty much peeled the paint off the inside of my skull. I'd never heard anything like that before! I imagined the very ending of that song was what it would sound like if you put a mic up against a volcano.”

Dave Ellenburg (Dogbane)

Screaming for Vengeance is without a doubt a great and very influential album. Electric Eye will always be my favourite song by Judas Priest, it remains the quintessential heavy metal song; the prototype if you will.”

Canard (AD Patres)

"I was fourteen when my neighbour lent me a tape with Killers from Iron Maiden on one side and Screaming for Vengeance on the other side.First time I listened to it: WOW!!! The coupling The Hellion/Electric Eye is one of the very best album beginnings of all time."

Andy Dowling (Lord)

“The guitar tone on Screaming For Vengeance is bullshit good! I still get goosebumps when the guitars kick in for The Hellion. My personal stand outs on the album are easily Riding on the Wind and Bloodstone. Brilliant riffs and top notch hooks. A lot of our music has had a direct influence from Priest and I can safely say that this album is a personal favourite of ours."

Jon (Monsterworks)

“From the opening notes of Hellion it was clear that this album would be a standard of my youth that I have kept coming back to.  However, my favorite tracks are the last two: Fever and Devil's Child; a great combination that nail everything that makes Priest great.”

Steven Rice (Kill Ritual)

“Already being a huge Priest fan from seeing them live on the Hell Bent for Leather tour opening for UFO and experiencing the masterpieces Unleashed in The East and British Steel I was expecting a lot when this album dropped and goddamn did they deliver! From the state of the art production at the time to the triple shot head punch of Hellion/Electric Eye/Riding on the Wind my ass was thoroughly kicked. Massive sound and massive metal! The title track says it all! Screaaaaaaammmming!”

ZP Theart (I Am I, ex-DragonForce)

“A classic album by one of the most recognizable voices in metal, and a guitar duo that know their business. Priest is a great band and has given us numerous metal defining albums through their 40 year career span, this being up there as one of the best.”

Nick Walsh (Famous Underground)

“The moment I put on Screaming for Vengeance and heard the opening sequence of The Hellion something in me changed forever, I was no longer just a ‘Rocker’ I was now transformed into a ‘Metalhead’. The Production seemed to gleam and the tones of the twin guitars were so refined, I hadn’t heard anything like this before. The band and their songs had finally come into a new era, something that seemed so futuristic at the time and now seems completely timeless. I am forever grateful of ‘The Priest’ and have and will forever be a fan.”

Simon Efemey (Absolute Power, producer, Paradise Lost, Napalm Death, Amorphis etc)

Screaming For Vengeance - what can l say? the album that defined the original and best live intro, The Hellion into Electric Eye, on that tour was unbelievable and with so many bands using obvious intros for their gigs, this was the one that took it to a new level . Brilliant.”

Goran Panic (Assignement)

Screaming for Vengance was my first contact with Judas Priest. The opening intro followed by Electric Eye blew me away and made me want more of it. Even 30 years later, this record stands out time, an undisputed classic, holding up some of the best Judas Priest songs ever that inspire me as a musican even today.”

David Marcelis (Lord Volture)

“Since the earliest of my days as a hard rock and metal fan Judas Priest has been among my favourites. I saw them live multiple times and they never disappointed. Once I even had the honour of meeting the band and shaking hands before they went on stage. Having been the singer for a tribute band called Judas Rising, Rob Halford has been and still is one of the most influential vocalists to me and my voice. Killer songs like Electric Eye, Riding On The Wind and Screaming For Vengeance have defined Lord Volture music. Judas Priest and albums such as Screaming For Vengeance, Defenders Of The Faith and Painkiller have changed my life.”

Michael Vetter (Pump)

“I bought this record at the age of 14! So I think it is one of these records which inspired me to grow up to a real metalhead! Monster guitar riffs, giant melodies and the voice of the metal god! Judas rules!”

Jeff Neale (Dogbane)

“The first time I heard Screaming for Vengeance I was hooked. From The Hellion/Electric Eye to Devils Child, It gave me everything I wanted in a metal album. Powerful vocals, Dual guitars, and songs that stand the test of time.”

Russ Russell (Absolute Power, producer, Evile, The Rotted, The Berzerker etc)

Screaming for Vengeance has always been a classic choice for the back lounge tour bus late night singalong, 10 blokes drenched in beer desperately trying to hit Halfords top notes, hahahaha it's one of those golden memories that will stay with me forever.”