Chariots of the Gods' Mathieu St-Amour: 'I love every kind of music!"

This one's got it all: Gurus, alien technology, resurrection and... KIP WINGER!!

Bonjour, monsieur St-Armour, comment allez-vous? Er, that's about as far as my French goes so we'll stop right there and I'll continue in my mother tongue... thanks for joining us! And without further ado, let's get into the nuts and bolts of your dream band. Who's doing the vocalising? 'That's a hard one because there's a lot of great singers in hard rock and metal, depending on the style of band/music you're going for. But I think for that one, I'd have to steal alien technology from Hangar 18 at Area 51 and resurrect Ronnie James Dio. Especially a younger Dio from the Rainbow/Black Sabbath and early Dio albums. He had such range and his voice could be very sensitive and then very powerful at the same time, and to bout, he's an amazing lyricist. So that would be my first pick."

Mmm, resurrection and alien technology? Hopefully that won't extend to the sort of thing I've read about in the book Communion...moving along swiftly and we'll look to the guitarists for this act – two of them please. And would you have dual lead players, or a lead and a rhythm player or some other combination – and why? "For the guitar players, I'd definitely want to have guys who can play rhythm and lead, that way they can pitch each other leads or harmonised runs here and there. It's always nice to see that happen live, 2 guitar players side-by-side shredding, harmonising and all that. So for the first one, I'd take Zakk Wylde circa 1990, when he was lean 'n mean, beard-less and youthful. He's a tight guitar player who can share both lead and rhythm duties. Plus, he can also sing. With him alone in the band, you'd be set. Then I'd have to go with fellow Canadian and Ottawa neighbour Jeff Waters, circa 94-96. He's a very tight rhythm guitar player but also can shred like there's no tomorrow. He's also very precise in his playing and can also sing (fuck, they can all sing!).

Wylde and Waters! there's a combo we haven't come up against so far in this survey! I like the sound of that! So now a bassist please. Or two, should you be so minded... " I'd go with Kip Winger from,  of course, Winger. Circa 1988. He's not a particularly great bass player but he gets the job done, but he's a secret weapon in the sense that he's an amazing singer with a massive range so he can back the lead singer and sometimes they could throw each other lines. And maybe since he wouldn't be singing and playing all the time, his playing would be/could be more intricate."

Bloody hell, that came from left firld - and beyond! I'm really intrigued with the way this is shaping up! Who's keeping time underneath all of this? "I gotta go with Dave Grohl because he's an amazing musician, clear and simple. Great drummer but also great singer, guitar player and songwriter... And everybody loves him!"

Can't argue with that. EVERYBODY loves Dave it seems. Any other sidemen or women for a bit of colour and texture? " I think that's a pretty complete and proficient band right there. I'd add Lemmy as a motivational speaker/icon/relic/god somewhere in there that would follow the band around and be their Guru. Lemmy is God, after all."

Another inarguable point there, Mat - and a pretty good band to boot!