The Core of Technical Brazilian Death Metal

Let the Disruption begin!

If you don’t know the name Lacerated and Carbonized the time is ripe for it. Hailing from Rio De Janeiro (Hell de Janeiro for some), the city is a postcard about Brazilian wonders: Christ The Redeemer, Corcovado, Copacabana beach, beautiful women in scant clothes. The wet dream of every European (and why not say) Brazilian guy out there. Rio, is a really different capital of Brazilian shores. But behind the propaganda of beauty, crime runs rampant, elite policemen (think about Mossad or SWAT) battle every inch of the streets with kingpins, while citizens try to get themselves protected in the middle of the civil WAR!! This background of cultural richness and brutal violence created one the most prolific metallic scenes that Brazil has ever seen: first, for most of headbangers, the MOST IMPORTANT BAND of Brazil (no it’s not Sepultura, it’s Dorsal Atlântica) and other bands followed and decades of metal evolved like Unearthly, Grave Desecrator, Misteriis, Apocalyptic Raids (just to cite country wide known names) and now, the most technical and explosive of all of them: Lacerated and Carbonized. Feel the violence in sonic waves!!! This Interview was conducted with bass player PAULO DOC. Enjoy!


Hello guys how are you doing, hope everything is fine there in Rio. How’s the death metal scene there in the city? “Hey Daniel Death, we are fine up here! The scene here is very productive and getting stronger every day, Fortunately we do have awesome death metal bands in town. I could point out Unearthly and Forceps, just to name a couple. They are both worth checking out!”

So the band was formed in 2006, have you maintained the very same formation since the very beginning or has there been some change?? “We have been together from the very beginning - Victor joined us a few months after the band was created. I can say that the fact that we are long time friends was determinant for everything we have achieved so far.”

How do you feel coming from the uttermost obscurity from the middle of the 2000’s to being one of the most prominent names of the Brazilian death metal scene in the current decade? Do you think your first album Homicidal Rapture can be held responsible for that? “Homicidal Rapture opened many doors. We have been all around Brazil playing with bands like Sepultura, Mayhem, Belphegor and Immolation, which was very important for our growth. Besides, we went for our first international tour in 2010, going through Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Bolivia and Peru, and the album was released in all these places. It all served as an important learning experience for us, and it is surely evident in The Core of Disruption as we are releasing a strong, mature album that is being highly regarded in several parts of the world, even in places we have not been to yet.We dedicate ourselves totally to this band, we give the best out of us to make everything happen. Nothing comes easily, especially when it comes to extreme metal, but hard work always gets recognized in the end, that’s for sure.”

Which album do you like best? Homicidal Rapture or The Core of Disruption? “Personally, I think The Core of Disruption brings out more diversity and reflects our best moment ever. Homicidal Rapture was indeed a good album, but The Core of Disruption is clearly one step ahead in every aspect.”

Why have you opted for a better produced sound in the latter? I mean, do you think that is the way to reach international ears? “We always look forward to achieving better results with each record, we always push ourselves to raise the bar. Working with Andy Classen was a major goal, we have always admired his work with bands like Destruction, Krisiun and Tankard, and he surely added a lot to the final results. The production is just a consequence of the killer team we brought on board, and we couldn’t be more satisfied about it.”

How’s the reception to the new album been so far around the globe? “Until now everybody has been very positive! And that is great, because we threw great expectations upon this album and they are all being fulfilled. You know, it is rewarding to read people you admire, who have been out there in the business for so long, saying such good things about the album.”

What do you have to say about your 2012 European tour with Vile? I mean you might be great fans of the guys and sharing the stage must have been a dream, mustn’t it? “The tour was definitely a landmark for us. We could reach thousands of people and make a statement in each of the countries we have played. There was an amazing response everywhere, people were really enthusiastic about our stuff. And, yes, Vile was one of the bands that made me become a fan of extreme music. It was a great pleasure to tour with them and also to find out how cool they are as persons!”

What do you consider your best show so far in or outside Brazilian shores? “If I have to pick only one, I would point out Arequipa (Peru) in 2010, when we shared the stage with Monstrosity. There was an amazing atmosphere that night, the venue was sold out and the afterparty was crazy! But I could point out other killer gigs as well. We belong to the road, so we are always doing what we are keen on in the end of the day!”

Do you have another tour booked? “We are in talks with promoters to come back to Europe in early 2014. I can’t get into details, but you can expect a blast! Besides, we will keep playing all around Brazil and also get down to Argentina and Uruguay still in 2013.”

Tell us about future compositions. I know it’s early to talk about them, but do you have any plans for a future release? I’m sure that it will come more destructive than ever! “The Core of Disruption is still a fresh album, we want to promote it as much as possible because we firmly believe we have an excellent material in hands. But we never stopped writing, actually. And the new songs are sounding devastating so far! We will keep up with the evolution, that is for sure.”

Thanks for your attention, and tell us? When are you going to devastate the Aussie shores??? “Thank you for the chat! Flying to Australia is a concrete goal for the future. I hope the bangers out there can check The Core of Disruption out and get acquainted to the band. If any producer makes it happen, we will be absolutely flattered and ready to go for it!”