The future's bright for Continents, as they talk touring, writing and their plans for the rest of 2013.

Finding ourselves in their dressing room, Maf and Continents sit and talk past, present and future for the upcoming South Wales quintet.

With their compatriots and UK tour support act When We Were Wolves providing some lovely background music from downstairs at The Barfly, the lads from Continents give an impromptu interview. For starters, with the tour coming to an end, what's next for the rapidly growing metalcore outfit?

'We're off to Japan next month, we're playing with The Ghost Inside for three days' starts hard hitter Duncan 'Ken' Hammil, before frontman Phil Cross lists big dates 'We got a tour with Odessa, we got Fury fest, Ghostfest, Summerjam, we're off to Italy, playing on a beach. We got loads coming up and there's a couple of things we are yet to announce as well' With a lovely hint of mystery could these plans include a new single perhaps? Ken resumes 'The next single is coming in the next four weeks,  the video is just being edited now.' 'It's being released just before we go to Japan' Phil adds.

Continents look to be getting as big as their name would suggest, after all it was only in June of last year that the band were signed by Victory Records and how has that massive event changed them? 

'It's been massive' starts Ken 'It's changed what we thought would be a hobby we realised can be turned into a profession almost. So what we've turned into a hobby we've kind of turned into a business essentially, but we havent taken it so seriously that we have taken all the fun out of it.' 'It's just helped us record the album we wanted to record, and take things to a wider scale.' Continues Phil.

With bigger labels comes better production, so how does the experience of working with producers for their critically acclaimed debut release Idle Hands affect them, and how do they feel it will impact their next album?

'It's definitely given us a good scope, I think the production for this album was absolutely spot on I was completely blown away. To top that it's going to be a hard job, but I'm definitely up for giving it a go, there's so many producers out there that can mix it and master it and give it a completely different vibe and different tone for the album I think we can definitely top it. I definitely feel that we can build on it and I don't think this will be our peak release, we can write much more mature music, in the late stages of writing Idle Hands we were saying to ourselves this is a lot more mature sounding.'

Phil concludes 'we wrote that record in like 3 months, we've had a year and a bit now to write this second one.' So four times as good? 'Exactly' 'No pressure!'

Discussing the bands progression, Bring Me The Horizon, an evident influence on the band came up, would these fellas from South Wales follow in the footsteps of the controversial Sheffield bunch? Guitarist Tom Weaver states 'I definitely say as we go on the productions going to get bigger I think that's the main thing that's pushed Bring Me The Horizon, they've gone from This is what the edge of your seat was made for which was raw as hell death metal, and as you kind of moved along with them, the productions gotten bigger and bigger and they've added more studio elements to make it sound bigger and it's kind of pushed them to a wider scope, so in that respect yes. I don't think we're going to end up with an orchestra though.'

Ken reasons, 'As far as I'm concerned if it actually makes it sound better, I don't see what's the problem. If it complements the piece of music we're writing I don't understand why we can't add it. There's no point saying we're not going to do it now, because there's an equal chance that we might do it or not.'

As an up and coming band, genres can be crossed, but often mislabellings can occur, as discovered when I put my foot in my mouth and called them one of the finest up and coming hardcore acts at this time, Phil retorts 'I wouldn't say we were hardcore, I'd say we were metalcore, I can see where it comes from with the bands we play with.' Tom continues 'I don't like pigeon holing bands as it is, I find it very difficult. Alot of the time you say what do you think this band are, and they incorporate a lot of different genres, how can you single out one and say you are that? Like Phil says I can see where it comes from, we definitely do have hardcore elements, but we also have metal elements and more niche elements as well' 

Regardless, Ken concludes the interview summing up the passion this band hold 'We're here to have a laugh, whether it be a practice esesntially because when we go to some gigs there isn't anyone there sometimes, but that never affects us. Every tour that we do, every show we do, we always go there with the exact same mentality; we always go in there to have a good time, to give it 100%. There's no reason why we shouldn't, we've gone there to play a gig so there's no point in compromising it.'

So with it all being said, Continents went on to rock The Barfly that night, and typify every reason why this band are riding a one way train to the top of metalcore, with their maturing sound they should easily outgun some of metalcore's poser-esque bands, this band are true, passionate and certainly, Metal as Fuck.