King Parrot: In Full and Frightening Flight

"Yeah, it’s all part of a day’s work really, eating a little shit whilst jumping off bars”.

By now; unless you have been held captive by a family of rabid raccoons, it is all about King Parrot and if you have been fortunate enough to catch these monsters live, you know that your experience heading to any future gig will be forever measured against the antics of this band. It is with this amount of enthusiasm, their uniqueness and lunacy that is drawing the crowds in for King Parrot – constantly giving memorable shows and endorphin busting interaction with the crowds. Youngy’s bruises and scars aside, it is all worth it he tells Metal As Fuck as we caught up with the vocalist after departing a gig.

It wasn’t long before we were getting stuck into the mammoth national touring schedule King Parrot are currently executing “We have just being playing flat out, touring with Thy Art Is Murder and Cattle Decapitation, before that Psycroptic, and recently we had just picked up a bunch of shows with Destroy All Lines, it’s just been insane”. After recently snagging the support for Kvelertak, there seems to be no signs of stopping “We have a heap more shows coming up; Perth, Cairns, Townsville, then we head back down to Melbourne for Heavy Mag’s Brewtaility, then hopefully we have a month off to maybe start writing a little. December we head back out with a national tour with Gay Paris”. I caught Gay Paris not long ago in Canberra, the band is unreal – I didn’t know what to think of them at first, a mate of mine says to me oh come see this band Gay Paris. [Laughs] “Yeah I was the same, I was like Gay Paris, oh I’m going to fucking hate it, but seriously they are unreal, I fucking love them, not what you expect at all”.  

During your crazy touring cycle have there been any moments that have stood out, or more importantly have there been any embarrassing moments that we’d all love to hear about? “Geez, wow, well there have been so many, it’s sort of a constant thing with us [Laughs]. Well there was this one time….. We were playing a show at this club called Bang in Melbourne not long ago, sort of like a teeny bopping kind of deal, you know, those clubs that play live heavy metal acts but then shoot Blink 182 over the booth afterwards [Laughs] It was a rough show [Laughs] but I climbed up on top of the bar and there were a bunch of people watching; I couldn’t tell how into it they were. I stage dived anyway, straight off the bar into the crowd and they weren’t too keen on catching me….. I ate shit [Laughs] - it happens regularly. It has also brought about an old elbow injury that is quite fucking painful” [Laughs] perhaps you should hire some minions to follow you around with an old mattress or something? “Yeah, it’s all part of a day’s work really, eating a little shit whilst jumping off bars”. So who usually plays mother hen on tour? “Generally that would be me, I’m the sober one so I’ll be dragging the guys out of bars and pushing them into taxis. Our new drummer Skitz also so that’s one less to worry about”.

I was lucky enough to catch you guys live in June with Cattle Decapitation, I knew I was in for something amazing as I had just reviewed the album, a gazillion gold stars were given. King Parrot are brilliant live, you have such an amazing vibe going on, with the crowds eating this up – what are some of your favourite moments from the audience whilst playing live? “The all ages shows are insane, we get them to do the wall of death, so we part them, while I am standing right in the middle and they steam roll right over me, it fucking hurts [Laughs] we do a lot of stupid shit to entertain people. We want our shows to be fun, there are enough serious bands out there, don’t get me wrong we are serious about the band but we want to have fun with the audience, since the release of the album; the last six months we’ve had a good response from the album and good reception from the audience”.

I understand you guys have recently wrapped up your first Asian tour also “Yeah April this year, our first time over there, it was a very eye opening experience. It was crazy playing for the kids over there; nothing could prepare us for the appreciation that was shown to us from the punters. Indonesia specifically has really only recently been authorised I guess to listen to heavier music, have it played live, a new Government who isn’t as strict is now in, so it was definitely a new environment, it has been one of the best things the band has ever done, I mean obviously we want to head overseas more; Europe and the US but I mean we will definitely head back to Asia as soon as we can”. Clearly the first thing that comes to mind is not being home, but what is one of your least favourite things about being on tour? “I guess it would have to be Squiz’ snoring, it’s the fucking worst, he sounds like a freight train. So I’m trying to work out a way of dealing with that [Laughs] It just sucks when you’re in some slimy hotel room; 5 people crammed in, you lose a lot of sleep” [Laughs].  Sleep deprivation aside, how do you guys generally prep for a set? Any super cool Captain Planet moments, all hands in! ….. No, no Captain Planets?…. “Yeah we generally just get ourselves into a zone, find a quiet place to have some time to warm up, I drink a lot of water because I mean it’s like a mini marathon running around on stage like I do, we just fire up and explode on stage”. [Laughs] Any moments where you yourself have been distracted on stage? “Maybe with some of the girls, I’ll occasionally see a cheeky boob that will grab my eye [Laughs] so I like to grab the girl and do a Waltz of some kind, I like to waltz”. Have any songs in particular from the album become crowd favourites already? “Definitely Shit On The Liver, that video has just gone mental with fans, that and Bozo the crowds are really eating up. The fans that have been into the music of King Parrot are into it completely and both Shit On The Liver and Bozo really go down well live”.

So what are things looking like for the rest of the year? Several touring slots and you mentioned earlier you wanted to find some time to write later in the year? “We have recently signed with a European booking agent and our album has just been released in Europe, and the States I think just last week so right now we are really hoping to tour overseas with the latest album before anything else, it’s our goal to get over there and seriously we can’t play too much in Australia, we don’t want to get to the stage of too much of a good thing you know. So right now we are focused on touring, big touring, we want to get as much as we can out of this and have as much fun as we can with it!”. 



21st September - Bunbury, Elliot Street Bar w/ Claim The Throne

27th September - Cairns, The Railway Hotel

28th September - Townsville, Molly Malones

12th October - Melbourne, The Tote Hotel