Martin Schulman of Demonical: 'What awaits us in 2014? World Domination."

Sweden's Demonical released their fourth album, Darkness Unbound, this year, so we invited bassist Martin Schulman to talk us through his 2013...

Hello Mr Schulman - thanks for getting involved in our end-of-year hoopla. So, 2013 –how was it for our kind of music? "In a way it was good, in a way bad. Depends on what you are referring to... There were good releases, good shows and good artists got exposure they deserved and so on but on the other hand, there were also too many releases, too many crappy bands and too many record-buyers who shouldn’t who just followed others opinions like brainless sheep".

Yes, we've noticed the big increase in releases this year too, although maybe not so many sheep. On a positive note, what was the best album you heard this year?  "Tunnel of no Light by October Tide".

And the worst? Go on, name names! "Too many to mention".

Haha. Demonical and diplomatic! Vinyl seems to have made a small comeback this year – do you think that progress will grow next year, or will the ‘vinyl renaissance’ still be limited to bands doing limited runs for collectors and diehard fans? "I think the comeback of vinyl started already a couple of years ago and it’s good as I personally prefer vinyl instead of CDs and especially over all MP3 files and all other “modern” crap. As the cost for manufacturing a LP is about four times higher than manufacturing a CD it is more that the “serious” labels who have enough funds and believe really in the music and art release vinyls, those who just look for easy bucks stick to the CDs".

We;re definitely getting the sense that this might only ever be a niche thing, But what about Fan funded recording projects? They've also exploded this year – what’s your view of them – Have you used the system, or would you consider doing so in the future? "Yeah I have seen that those kind of things have become quite popular but I really don’t have any opinion about them. It’s up to each and every band what they do but somehow I maybe feel – as I’m “old-school” – that it is the record labels responsibility to pay for the recording.  As it is also quite easy to record stuff yourself in your bedroom with all this modern equipment I maybe don’t really understand why a band has to record in a pro-studio if their label can’t pay for it. But as I said, I don’t really have enough info about this whole thing so maybe it’s better that I keep my mouth shut".

Definitely not - it's your opinions we're after! Could you see fan funding expanding into other areas – providing tour support for bands, etc? "Yes I’m sure that’s the next step and actually I have already seen bands asking for funds in order to buy new vans et cetera".

Another way bands have found to augment their incomes is by offering ‘VIP Experiences’ – what do you think of those? "It’s up to each and everyone what they do with their monies but I would never ever in hell pay several hundred dollars just to have a quick chat with my favourite band and get a laminated VIP pass to hang on my wall at home. In a way I feel that these VIP-things are a way of ripping off the fans but on the other hand, as we say in Sweden, 'the one who asks for money is not the stupid one, the one who pays is'".

Haha we'll remember that one! Now, we’ve heard which album you like the most from 2013 – who impressed you most in the live arena? "To be honest, haven’t really visited that many shows this year due to being busy with other things. But saw some killer shows at festivals we played with Demonical... for example Impaled Nazarene at Party San was awesome!

So you released an album this year - what awaits you musically in 2014? "World domination".

You gotst to have dreams! Anything else you think might come in handy for our readers to know over the holiday season? "Thanks for your support, see you all out there".