Michele Madden: 'VIP Experiences'? The audience is the VIP in my eyes at every goddamn show!

The fiesty frontwoman kicks off our series looking back at 2013 in style...

Ms Madden, hello again and thanks for helping us kick off our 2013 in review series... So, without further ado... 2013 – a good or bad year for music overall? "I think that EVERY year is a good year for music much like Tony Montana thought that every day above ground was a good day. Elvis is not gonna hand the best sounds of the year on a sonic platter! Down the bong and get amongst it! Live is where I fall in love. Go and see bands for fucks sake! Get converted!"

Amen to that, but we'll return to the live arena later. For now, what was the best album you heard this year? "Hmmmm....Clutch delivered as always. SummonusKing Parrot, BRUCE!...Love the shit out of my local lovelies. Awaiting new platters from Looking Glass and The Archaic Revival with one hand down my daisy dukes and a shit-eating grin on my dial. The two most powerful power trios this wide brown land has on offer and you can quote me on that. Go and see them and thank me later!"

Yep, we've a bit of a soft spot for Looking Glass ourselves - and we'll certainly take a dekko at TAR as well - thanks for the tip. Now, yin and yang and all that - the worst? "Why bring attention to it"?

Ok. but you understand we had to ask. Moving on, and Vinyl seems to have made a small comeback this year – do you think that progress will grow next year, or will the ‘vinyl renaissance’ still be limited to bands doing limited runs for collectors and die hard fans? "As long as the geeks from my planet are happy? Fuck the masses"..

Fair enough. Fan funded recording projects also exploded this year – what’s your view of them – Have you used the system, or would you consider doing so in the future? "I am down like James Brown for that action! I have always been totally involved with anyone who has been kind enough to follow any of my folly over the years so its a really logical step for my broke AC/DC loving ass to pursue. They are paying for the product ahead of time. Kick ass"!

And could you see fan funding expanding into other areas – providing tour support for bands, etc? "Baby,to twist the words of Tennessee Williams? .."I have always depended on the kindness of the strange." I have been honoured to eat at many a table and crash on a many a floor worldwide of the benevolent and true believers,bless them. The best support that they can give in the fiscal arena is turning up en mass to the shows in rabid rockin' packs....and buying me boots. Size 41. 42 if they are a small make.Cheers."

Let us know if this ploy for boot sponshorship works!  Another way bands have found to augment their incomes in these straitened financial times is by offering ‘VIP Experiences’ – what do you think of those? "Hmmmm.... The audience is the VIP in my eyes at every goddamn show. Anyone who does this for a living is blessed that people give a rats ass at all! They work their clackers off day in and day out while I flounce around in a state of suspended adolescence. They get two days off the chain to let it all hang out. Now,if they are going to give me some of their sacred free time AND pay for it? I am am gonna break my ass to make sure they are well taken care of AND have a great time. And how much more money do the greats really need? C'mon now...pull the other one...its got bells on it".

I've a feeling that question is going to divide our respondees - thanks for stating the case against! Now back to something we wouldn't let you talk about earlier - We’ve heard which album you like the most from 2013 – who impressed you most in the live arena? "You may have clocked me drooling at Church of Misery,Sleep,King Parrot,The Archaic Revival and on stage with my own filthy hip swinging low end machine Los Hombres Del Diablo".

We'd love to see you and Les Hombres again in Canberra! And talking of which What awaits you musically in 2014? "The LHDD album will be coming out and we will be backing it up with heaps of shows that will put you on your ass! I will be in the pit and on the stage every damn chance I get! Isn't that what it is all about"?

Oh yes it is. Now, one last question - anything else you think might come in handy for our readers to know over the holiday season? "Yeah... take heed.... Family are just people who have known you for longer than anyone else. If you don't like em? Buy and ounce with the money you would have wasted on a gift for them,charge your i-pod with the tunes that give your heart a hard on, turn your phone off and go surfing. Problem solved.Brilliant huh"?

Foolproof. Probably. Thanks for taking part! "Thank you for letting me spew on your sacred site once more! Happy Hanukkah"!

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