Municipal Waste: Making It Up As They Go

All Thrash Bands Party...

I was advised to wear my Sunday best when interviewing Municipal Waste; their genuine love for all things thrash and revelry is truly inspiring. When the world turns sour, Municipal Waste is waiting with a bottle of Tequila and a clear-cut attitude. The band is heading back down under for their first Australian tour in over seven years shortly and to kick off the festivities Metal As Fuck caught up with Ryan Waste as he waits restlessly for the party to begin…

Inciting a small riot on your first show? Something you aspire to? [Laughs] “Well it kind of just happened, I remember it was a house we played at - someone put it in our press pack along the way. Our music is an outlet for our fans to go crazy too”.

So what is involved with the art of partying? Any prerequisites? “Well it’s not for just an idiot [Laughs] there is an art to it, it’s just opening up to the crowd and going as crazy as they are, its a free for all, everyone is invited!” And what is the culture of Municipal Waste? “Over the years we have created our own mythology through each song we’ve written you know, taken a lot of influence and watched a lot of B-Grade movies”. [Laughs] “Our culture is very themed and the music is getting heavier”.

These are your first Australian shows in seven years if I’m not mistaken – with Hobart included! That threw me. What will be different with these shows? Has much changed with your live shows? “Well it has been a long time since our last tour and from what I can remember from 2006 is that it was super well attended, it was one of our favourite places to visit. The band has grown so much since our last tour to Australia and we’re even crazier”.

The band members all have a vast range of interests; comics, film – what was it that originally got you guys in to music and did you always know what you wanted to create? “Actually I grew up with thrash running in my veins, all the other influences came along the way with the other members, it actually all makes sense, the formula stays the same and having all the varied interests in the pot keeps the music fresh”. So music videos would be a blast for you guys? “Yeah we have a lot of fun making the videos, we are given free range to do our own thing, we’ll make things up on the spot, it keeps it interesting. Like the Fatal Siege video was all scripted like a movie set, we have a lot of fun with them”.

Do you feel at some points that the music of Municipal Waste can be somewhat limiting in the sense of lyric writing? “Yeah, with Tony (Foresta, vocals) and myself we can sometimes hit road blocks, but that’s just it, we have written one album about partying, it seems to have stuck with us – but we’ve moved on since then. Municipal Waste will never run out of song titles, we have song titles we’ve held onto for over ten years, we just sit on them, it gives us unlimited themes”.

Municipal Waste is notorious for partying though: what misconceptions come along with this from the general public? Any stereotypes or labels you’d be happy getting rid of? “It’s crazy, I mean we’re a thrash band it’s a given isn’t it, all thrash bands are party monsters. It’s just the media spin; they take one album name [Art of Partying] but hey we like to drink and party, fans can relate to that, everyone else does it, our music is serious but we take the media hype with a grain of salt. We’re very spontaneous on stage, we make it up as we go, the fans have a great time and so do we”.

How do you step up each record? “Every band wants to do that with a new album, we all want to out-do our last efforts, a lot of bands evolve in their own in time, they start out simple and then make things more complicated through the years, it’s a push and pull method I think and it’s important to go back and simplify the original formula every now and again”.

Have you found that creating stories is far better than reality? In the sense that it allows your creativity to reach levels real life issues wouldn’t? Such as the new album – The Fatal Feast. “Yeah! We like to joke around with politics and shit but we are media skeptics, there is so much bullshit in the media and those right winged media outlets like Fox News. You know I am definitely well read but I hate preaching bands, if I want to know something I’ll read the damn paper. Creating your own stories is far better”.

It’s been mentioned that the band hold no motive before beginning to write an album, is this the best way to approach it? The fly by the seat of your pants sort of thing? “Yeah, I mean there is no right way to write an album and if you stick with a specific formula things can get stale”.  Now Municipal Waste is signed to Nuclear Blast – is this working to advantage the band? “Definitely! Usually all you hear are bands complaining about their record label but we love ours, there is no forcing our hand, they know we are a very DIY band and have embraced that and let us do our own thing”.

And heading back to Australia very soon – what are your anticipations for the tour? It has been a long time. “I think it’s going to be crazy! We gained a hell of a lot more fans last time around, we are keen for more. I can’t imagine what will happen, I have this anxious excitement thing going on [Laughs] it’s going to be great though”


Municipal Waste – Australian Tour, June 2013:

Saturday, 15th June

The Hi-Fi, Brisbane



Sunday, 16th June



Thursday, 20th June

Fowlers Live, Adelaide (All ages)



Friday, 21st June

Rosemount Hotel, Perth



Saturday, 22nd June

Brisbane Hotel, Hobart



Sunday, 23rd June

Corner Hotel, Melbourne (U/18′s Show)



Sunday, 23rd June

Corner Hotel, Melbourne