My Dream Band: Alkira's Ryan Quarrington

The up-and-coming Aussie thrashers have a new EP out, so we asked the band's drummer Ryan Quarrington to get involved in our latest Q & A session to mark the occasion...

Good day to you Mr Quarrington, and thanks for taking part in this little question and answer session... We'll get stuck right in to things - who would be your frontman in this 'drea' outfit? "Too easy, Ronnie James Dio. Best vocalist of all time, metal and non-metal bands alike. His ability to tell stories within his songs, whilst also allowing the listener to interpret his lyrics in a number of different ways is just incredible. And what a voice!"

You're not the only one to have expressed that view - and Ronnie is still much missed every day in the metal community. Now to the guitarists – two of them please. And would you have dual lead players, or a lead and a rhythm player or some other combination – and why? "Gary Holt from Exodus and Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath. Both are kings of the riff in their own respective sub-genres and they have delivered some of the tastiest solos ever recorded, plus the tones they pull live and in the studio are huge!"

Tone. Always tone. Such an important thing for a guitarist to master. But enough of my musings. Back to you. Next up, Bassist(s) please! Tell us why your preferred four string exponent is so good "Cliff Burton. Enough said. The man was a God."

Fair enough. He was certainly one of a kind! Drummer(s) next – Or maybe you’d like a ‘Doktor Avalanche’ style drum machine? "Being a drummer, this is the hard one. It would have to be a three-way tie between Cozy Powell (Rainbow, Black Sabbath), Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) and Gene Hoglan (Dark Angel, Death). The first two paved the way for metal drumming with their aggressive playing styles, and Gene Hoglan perfected the art and sped it up three-fold! I couldn’t count the number of times I have watched the video of Bill Ward smashing the skins with Sabbath performing War Pigs live in Paris in 1970 (if you haven’t seen it yet, YouTube that shit right fucking now!)."

Will do. I'll be you tubing as soon as I've finished this piece. Now, any other sidemen? A keyboard player for colour perhaps? "Yeah, bring Jon Lord from Deep Purple out for a 20 minute organ jam!"

Sounds good to us!

Alkira's Red Devil EP is out now.