My Dream Band: Christopher Kinder from Jon Oliva's Pain

Another muso selects some of his fave peers to make up a true supergroup...

Hello Christopher, and thank you for participating in this little survey of ours. "Are you kidding....who wouldn't want to be a part of something from Metal as Fuck?.That name alone demands a response!"

You're too kind! Love your work too! But before we get involved too deeply in a mutual appreciation scenario, let's get on wih the questions... We're here to find out your dream band, the singer of which is? "Chuck Billy....his voice and the sheer terror he inflicts on his audience tells me I had better choose him or he is coming after me next...Awesome!"

Choose Billy. Seems a reasonable plan. Who's providing the riff-power to back him? And wwould you have a lead and rhythm player, or dual leads, or some other combination I haven't thought of? "Alex Lifeson and Vinnie Moore... Let the two of them fight over the leads...I just want to hear those two masters create something wicked for Chuck to sing to."

An interesting pairing. It would be nice to hear Chuck singing over the (presumably) more restrained stylings of Lifeson and Moore... If wishes were horses, eh? Still, let's not dwell. Onwards and upwards! A bassist please! "Geezer bad-ass who could add the doomy-sludge filled melodies necessary to complement my two legendary guitar slingers gods."

Ah yes, the bottom end providing the ballast. The classic solution. Who's keeping the time under all thiis, or are the wages these blokes are earning making the use of a drum machine necessary? "Tommy Aldridge: Still one of the most revered drummers on the planet. His style and power round out this musical juggernaut.."

Marvellous choice. And finally, any sidemen to round out the outfit? ".Nope....let those five bring it to the masses and watch the weak cry in fear and the strong rejoice in all their Metal Fucking Bliss...I am now calm and at total peace....Thank You!"

No, thank you!