My Dream Band: Hatriot's Steve 'Zetro' Souza

In the last of our latest Q & A series, the former Exodus man relents and picks a couple of rock Gods to tinkle the ivories...

Mr Souza, it's an absolute honour to have one of the absolute legends of thrash here joining us at Metal as Fuck for our My Ideal Band segment. We know who you are, but for the benefit of some of our less thrashcentric viewers, please take this opportunity to introduce yourself... "I am Steve 'Zetro' Souza, from Dublin, California.  The world knows me from my days fronting Exodus back in the heyday of thrash metal.  Currently I am fronting Hatriot, and we are about to release our second album, titled Dawn Of The New Centurion.

And that's an album we're very much looking forward to hearing, especially if it's a sgood as Hatriot's debut record, Heroes of Origin, which our own Mick Strong described as being 'thrashmongous'. But we're not here to talk about that - it's your dream band we're after - who is holding the microphone? "There would be two singers in the band.  Of course I am one of them, and along side me would be Bon Scott.  He is the ultimate rock front man.  I'd say he is the best, even to this day".

Big call! But it would be good to see the pair of you trading lines. Whose weaving the sonic tapestries in the background here? 'On rhythm guitar I'd have Jimmy Page, because he is one of the kings of rock guitar.  He is a master of 'feel' and is iconic for that reason.  On lead guitar I'd have Randy Rhoads.  In my opinion he defined heavy metal lead guitar playing in the early 80's.  He was the best of his time, and is still the standard by which metal guitarists are measured".

Another big call, although I suspect there'llbe many that agree with you on this one. And so to the rhythm section - bass player? 'Steve Harris would be my bassist.  He's a fucking monster on bass, and a great songwriter too.  If I could add a second bass player it would be Cliff Burton."

Two bassists, two axe men, two singers - this is another dream band that's becoming an orchestra! Will there be two drummers as well, I ask myself... "My ideal drummer would be Dave Lombardo.  He can play thrash and he can groove all at the same time.  If Dave won't join then my next choice is Bill Ward.  There is no need to explain!"

Well you haven't picked Kerry King and we're assuming Sharon Osbourne isn't managing this ourfit so we'll just assume they'd both jump at the chance of coming onboard and joining in the fun. So that's a another couple of top notch musos joining the fray. Care to name a couple of keyboard players? I sense you don't really have a lot of time for the ol' joanna? "I don't normally do keyboards, but if I did it would be Jon Lord or Geoff Nicholls.  Both are rock gods in my opinion."

And so are you, sir, so are you... thanks for contributing to our latest Q & A!