Ne Obliviscaris: Out Of Hibernation

For Two Australian Shows Only!

Having been tucked away writing their next album for most of 2013, Ne Obliviscaris is coming out of hibernation to play what will be their only Australian headline shows in 2013. Due to embark on their first Asian tour shortly, Metal As Fuck caught up with rhythm guitarist Matt Klavins to discuss the overwhelming success of Portal of I and the follow up that has Australian metal fams whetting their appetite in anticipation...  

You have stated that the next album for Ne Obliviscaris will be more complicated and technical. More complicated and technical?!! Gluttons for challenges I see? “Yes, Benji [Baret] is such a talented guitarist and he really shows what he can do on the new record. Portal of I was in the making for quite a while and while Benji added his little bit of spice to every song, most of the ground work was already in place. We wrote the skeleton for Xenoflux and Plague just before he joined and a part of his audition was to show us some of his ideas using these songs as templates. Some riffs from his improvisation audition were so good we had to keep them in the songs. Black Noise was our first complete collaboration from scratch with the new line up. It was never meant to be on Portal of I but we were so happy with it we cut another song because we simply had to have it on there”.  

The band have achieved an overwhelming success with the debut Portal of I including several number one placements (or within the top 10) as best album of 2012 around the globe – did you have any idea the album would be this successful? “We thought that we had something good but the response that we ended up with was amazing. We were getting unbelievable reviews from magazines and webzines and comments from bands that we grew up listening to and admired saying that they loved what we had done. We were all blown away by this. We had set out to record a high quality album and I guess that this is the kind of response that all bands wish for, we are just lucky enough for it to come true”.  

The standard is very high for the next release, what sort of new elements do you see yourselves incorporating to give it its edge? “I think it has a bit more of a tech element but still retains our sound. I guess it is kind of hard to explain at the moment [Laughs]. The songs are still so new and not 100% finalised yet so anything can happen. We have one song at the moment that goes for around 20 minutes and is made up of a few movements. We will be debuting most of this song at the Espy in Melbourne on the 6th of July & featuring it again at our show in Sydney on July 20 at the Bald Faced Stag. Having a high standard to live up to is a good thing and a bad thing. It makes it very difficult to write in a sense that you know what high standards our fans are expecting and we don’t want to let them down however it is also a good thing because it makes us strive to write the best music we can at this point in time”.  

The fact that Portal of I was nearly a decade in the making, do you see the same amount of hype surrounding the next release? “It was never meant to be that long and quite frankly it was a blessing in disguise because the songs had changed so much since we were first going to record it that I don’t think it would have been any where near as good an album if it weren’t for all those delays. I think that there will be a bit of hype around the second record and it will be “will it be as good as the last album?” I guess it comes to personal taste and where we are at this point in time. We don’t want to release another Portal of I. We want to release something different but of equal or better quality. We don’t want to be one of those bands that just keep releasing the same thing. There is too much music to be made for that”.  

Have you overcome certain pressures and/or challenges with recording the music of Ne Obliviscaris since you have in fact got one disc down? “There is more pressure now to put out a better album, but having been through the recording process now I think we will be much better prepared for the next time we enter the studio. It was a big learning curve for all of us and now the expectations are higher.  I think that we have all improved as musicians in the time since Portal of I though so hopefully it shows on the new record”. 

You are embarking on the bands first Asian tour in August – how are you feeling about that? And what was involved in getting this tour off the ground? “The credit for this goes to our violinist/clean vocalist Tim Charles and the booking agent we have been working with in Asia, Bret Ong. They have organized everything. We just nod and comply [Laughs]. It is an amazing feeling to be able to take our music to another country. This is something that we had all wished for back when we were just starting out and now it is becoming a reality”.  What does the remainder of 2013 have in store for the band? “The rest of 2013 entails a handful of Aussie shows, Asian tour then knuckling down to track the next record. Full steam ahead!”


Ne Obliviscaris

Saturday 6 July - The Epsy, Melbourne 

w/ A Million Dead Birds Laughing/Hybrid Nightmares/Hadal Maw


 Saturday 20 July - The Bald Face Stag, Sydney

w/ A Million Dead Birds Laughing/Rise of Avernus/Myraeth