Neuronspoiler's Tim Barclay - "We wanted it to be fairly epic from the start"

Metal as Fuck chats with Neuronspoiler hard-hitter Tim Barclay about Emergence, working with Guillermo 'Will' Maya and the bands inspiration and progression.

Two months on from the release of their debut album Emergence, Neuronspoiler's very own Tim Barclay told Metal as Fuck he was 'Really pleased' with the feedback for the four year old bands first release. A band boasting of a 'Classic Metal Resurgence in Safe Hands' certainly met their own hype with their January release and Barclay discussed how the band has matured since the release of their 2010 EP No One's Safe. 'We released our first EP in 2010 and back then the band was really young, most of it was written by David Del Cid (guitar.) In the time since then I think our song writing dynamic has grown a lot but we've just been able to bring in a lot more of the influences that we all have, with a lot more collaborative between all five of us.' 

The England based quintet had the honour of working with producer Guillermo 'Will' Maya and with his previous experience working with the likes of Adrian Smith (Iron Maiden) the band must have been stoked, right? 'Yeah it was great, we'd never really worked with a producer who really did production before, we'd only worked with engineers who recorded whatever we were doing. What Will did was he really worked with us to make the songs better' - 'he really spent the time remixing different bits, you know saying "maybe the chorus should come here." It was a real experience having someone to kind of bounce ideas off, it wasn't just the insular people in the band thinking "Oh I think this sounds good," it was someone who had the experience to say I dont think this chorus is big enough.'

The album is fast becoming known for it's size and sense of swagger that one would not expect so early in this bands career, the album's debut single Through Hell We March is gaining activity fast, but what do the fans have to expect now from Emergence? 'We're going to record a proper music video for Through Hell We March some time in the next month or two, the lyric video only gets you so far and we want to get something that hopefully we can get on Scuzz and get the word out a bit more.'

Aside from the obvious influences of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest on this band, what other influences form the safe hands of this classic metal resurgence? 'There's alot of Judas Priest, Sabbath, Dio, stuff like that. I remember when I first joined the band, one of the things that really made me want to join was, they was putting adverts out for a drummer, and they listed influences and of them was Tony Martin era Black Sabbath, I thought like how specific that was and made me think yeah that'd be cool. JR (vocals) is really into Alter Bridge and stuff like that so there's a little of that influence as well,  with a slightly more modern touch from there.'

Evidently Neuronspoiler's sound seems to be inspired mostly by the NWoBHM movement, but with bands members coming from all over the world, how does the multiculturalism of the band impact their songwriting? 'I think it's just good to have that diversity, different people having different experiences, most of the music we're all into is still English lyrics. There's that much of an influence coming from what's popular in different countries, and what has precedence in different countries. Two of the band are from Latin America where metal is appreciated differently, you see it in Flight 666 that Iron Maiden did, there's so much enthusiasm that you don't really get in the UK, people are enthusiastic here, but there it's ethos is you'll walk for four hours to get to a gig and then you'll walk back home again after. So I think that influence of having people from different cultures who appreciate metal in a different way influences how we go about music.'

This obviously begged the question, what is it that creates these contrasting ethos' towards metal, perhaps is it the fact that in many secular countries, heavy metal is taken for granted against many of the more religiously run countries where heavy metal can be created as almost taboo? 'I think that might be exactly it, because in London where we mostly play, you're just sort of spoilt for choice, you're guaranteed there'll be music on at Wembley or they'll be something on at The O2. Whereas in a place where they dont have so much of the history, its not so much taken for granted. I think the people who are grouped together by a common love of metal really stick together and really get passionate about it.'

Of course one of England's finest prospects for the future aren't attempting to offend anyone here, the passion shown at some South American metal festivals is legendary, but 'the people who are grouped together by a common love of metal' is a great way of depicting the unison that heavy metal has in its vast following. A following Barclay claims Neuronspoiler will be pleasing with a show booked in Ibiza later this year and the guys 'hoping to nail down a couple more festivals over the summer' and 'getting back to Poland hopefully by the end of this year.' So it would seem that Hell isn't the only place these lads are marching!


You can check out Neuronspoiler's Through Hell We March lyric video here.

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