Rage against the scene with We Butter The Bread With Butter

WBTBWB are ready to spread across the world!

Germany's finest: We Butter The Bread with Butter stopped for a chat before their UK tour with founding member Marcel Neumann in full voice.

Sitting in a Southwark pub, the free spirited German band immediately discuss their successful tour in the US, claiming they now want to move over there, the band proved a surprise success with promoters through their enthralling stage show and smashing the language barrier apart hilariously, Marcel claims "we love to play with it, we love to speak extra bad English and play around with it."

This hectic year has seen the Lugen quartet release their third album Goldkinder, perform at Wacken Festival, conquer the US and release their first music video, all still with a heavy touring schedule to complete. But the typical German efficiency is apparent in these lads, with such a strong passion fuelling the fire for their unique sound. "I couldn't imagine having a normal job, the cool thing would be to have some money! But I don't care I live in the here and now, and there's nothing cooler than flying home on one day and flying to another country the next."

And with this strong sense of wanderlust at the core of this melodic machine, where else will WBTBWB spread? Both vocalist Paul Bartzsch and Marcel agree that Japan and beyond is the place for them "We're very interested in different places, its so interesting to see how different countries react to our music. I hope that we will go to Japan and Australia eventually after this tour."

The bands third album proved a huge success in their homeland, scaling the German Album Charts triumphantly to 27th in the country. Admirably, the band has reached this success and kept their integrity intact. "We're so proud of this record" starts Neumann, "For me it's just the best we could do, this is really what we love to do, there are no barriers, we're not hiding behind some scene stuff. It's the most authentic thing we could've done." 

Authenticity proved to be something incredibly important to the band, claiming that the industry can prove fickle and hypocritical at times due to it's business minded nature, Neumann discussed how: "You see these bands that preach about money, and throw up the X at any moment - then as soon as they're off stage they're picking up their cheques or drinking a beer. We're not a part of that scene. 20 years ago you had Metallica, or Iron Maiden and before them The Beatles, but there's been nothing like that since, nothing truly ground-breaking that lasted long enough, we're all still obsessed with bands from 20 years ago."

Whilst WBTBWB may not have much to say for the metal industry, their passion for their own music is indomitable, with a free flowing creativity and a faecal-ton of charisma, this proves to be Germany's most talented of their fresher faces, and should hold themselves in high regard as the next big rock/metal creation to emerge from Germany.