There are many countries but only one underground scene - Brace yourselves for the new Nervochaos attack!

An interview with one of the most resilient Brazilian bands!


If you aren’t acquainted with the name Nervochaos, be sure that you will. They’ve been releasing albums and demos all along the way since the 1990’s and actively taking part in the Brazilian scene, always doing gigs and functioning as an opening act for many international bands of all metal persuasions, from the North to the South of the country. In a land where bands quickly fold due to the lack of unified scene, they keep the metal resistance alive. Their omnipresence is latent in the scene, and it’s hard to find a headbanger who hasn’t seen them live at some point of their career. The curious thing is that they NEVER EVER betrayed the Underground movement, and the time is ripe for them to invade your country. This interview was made with the band’s drummer, the always easy-going Eduardo Lane - a profound connoisseur of all facets of South American Metal.

Hello bro, how are you doing? I hope everything is fine. What are your feeling with this new Nervochaos offering and how’s the distribution been so far? "Hail, all is fine over at our camp. We're very happy with our new album, which was recorded in Rio de Janeiro (at Flames Studios) and mixed/mastered in Italy by Alex Azzalli. The artwork was done by master Joe Petagno and it's our 1st album through Cogumelo. We've started our new tour early last year. During that tour we did several shows around Latin America (Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia & Mexico) and also in Europe. The feedback on the new album, in general, has been great so far and we'll continue working hard this year in support of the new album. We'll tour as much as possible. We already have a new tour scheduled for Europe in April, together with HEADHUNTER DC and WAR-HEAD. We also hope to reach the US for the 1st time this year and we'll for sure tour around Latin America again.  Distribution for the new album is much better than what we had in the past, but we feel like it could improve in some territories such as Europe, Australia and Asia. This year we'll release our first DVD, re-release our debut full length CD Pay Back Time and have our new album released in 12"vinyl format."

How can people get their copies in US, Europe and Australia? Is there a proper distribution in those places? "In the US, the new album is coming out now on the 22nd of January thru Greyhaze Recs which has good distribution. So, it should be available in metal shops and through mail-order around the US. We have nothing scheduled for Australia, but we would love to. As far as Europe goes, we're dealing with a few distros and labels to carry not only the new album, but all our available releases as well. We also started working with ClawHammer PR, which is doing an excellent job spreading the word worldwide. So, we'll work hard to improve those important details."

Being a Brazilian band, I couldn’t help but notice that you, as a band, are sounding old school as fuck, even though Brazilians have the words “old school” in their DNA: What have you been listening to lately and what do you think about this “come back” of OSDM (Old School Death Metal) on a worldwide scale? "Thanks for the compliment, we really appreciate it! As you said, I do think Brazilians have the word "old school" in their DNA and that's a natural thing over here. Not only in Brazil, but all over South America. We can't deny our roots, our school and our influences, so that's how it goes, it's not a trendy thing for us like some acts do, jumping on the bandwagon...I think all styles of metal music have their "ups" and "downs", so it comes and goes naturally but it never dies. We're an idealistic band and we don't care about the trends or whatever, we do what we like for those who enjoy and support our music. We listen to a lot of bands and music styles and each member has its own influences and background. As for myself, I listen to a lot of bands and music styles ranging from metal to hardcore, from punk to blues and so on. Lately I've been listening a lot to bands such as Attitude Adjustment, Cro-Mags, Morbid Angel, The Casualties, Ratos de Porão, Metallica (old), Slayer (old), The Accüsed, Venom, Celtic Frost, Dwarves, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Rush, Deep Purple, ZZ Top, Krisiun, ABSU, Autopsy and goes on and on..."

You are very popular name in Brazil, but for those who are not acquainted with the band’s sound: what do you believe is the main difference between the new album and the old ones? Which one do you like best? "Well, we've been working hard in the Brazilian scene for years now and I think it's finally starting to pay off. We believe a true band is a live band, so we're not afraid of touring and performing live, actually that's what we like the most and I think it's where you can have the best of us. Bands always tend to like better the newest release but it couldn't be different with us. All our releases are extremely important for us, mark an era of the band and are different from each other, but all-in-all, you can notice that we have improved as a band, as musicians and our songwriting and musicianship has evolved since the first release. We're always searching for our own sound and we're always trying to improve as a band and as musicians, but not losing our roots and sticking true to our initial mission. We're a band that plays extreme music, but we're not limited to any specific genre, so you can hear thrash metal, death metal, grindcore, crossover and some black metal in our music."

I noticed that the new album is being released by the very traditional Brazilian label Cogumelo Records. Why this decision? Did Tumba fold? "Cogumelo is the oldest and most traditional metal label in Brazil. It's the 1st Brazilian label dedicated exclusively to releasing Brazilian bands. They are the Brazilian label that have the best distribution and their roaster is excellent. Lots of bands that influence us are (or were) from Cogumelo. After 16 years of hard work I think we deserved this deal with Cogumelo and we're extremely happy with it. It's a goal achieved but we'll continue working hard. Tumba is our own record label, but we focus it on our catalogue. The new stuff is all through Cogumelo and I hope this partnership lasts once they understand our needs, they work with us and they have lots of positive points in our opinion."   

Any plans for a tour abroad? Do you consider To The Death your best distributed work so far??? "Not sure if it's the best distributed work so far, but for sure the most well promoted release we have to this date. Last year we did our 3rd European tour and we're coming back for another European tour now in April. Also, last year was the first time we've reached countries such as Mexico, Colombia and Ecuador plus we did our biggest Brazilian tour up to date. The turnout was fuckin' excellent and we do plan to return to those countries as soon as possible. We did 69 gigs last year and this year we plan to reach new territories and do as much gigs as possible worldwide. As I said in the beginning of this interview, we want to do our first US tour this year and also try to reach countries like Australia, Japan, New Zealand..."

I know you tour a lot inside South America: tell us about  your best moments as a touring act: "All shows are extremely important and special for us. We love touring and being on the road is like home to us. I think I can mention memorable moments such as sharing the stage with acts such as Venom, Cannibal Corpse, Possessed, Agnostic Front, D.R.I., Krisiun, Dismember, ABSU, Vital Remains, Belphegor, Ragnarok, The Exploited, Biohazard, Mayhem and many more to list. Also I could also mention some festivals we played that were very special. South America is our school, but we also love to tour Europe or any place worldwide. There are many countries but only one underground scene."  

Brazil is very well known for breeding bands such as Sarcófago, Krisiun, Vulcano and so on. But the scene has somewhat died with few survivors in the underground such as Headhunter D.C. , Queiron and Nervochaos itself. Do you have any personal recommendation about what is best happening in the scene nowadays? Any new names you’d like to recommend us?

"Nowadays I've been listening to 'new' Brazilian bands such as Lacerated and Carbonized, Ayin, Hammurabi, Decomposed God, Infested Blood, Warpath, Baixo Calão, Havok, Khrophus, Distraught, Doomsday Ceremony, Hellsakura, Unearthly, Bywar, Executer, Blasthrash and many more to list....and still listening to older acts such as Sepultura (old), Sarcofago, Holocausto, Korzus, Ratos de Porão, Krisiun, Chakal, Dorsal Atlantica, and so on. The scene in Brazil (like anywhere else) has its "ups" and "downs" according to what's trendy, but music styles never died...I believe that Brazil is definitively on the route for all touring bands worldwide, our economy is much better so it's now common to see lots of tours around here from all music styles. Nowadays you can tour around Brazil and there's good acts rising from this cradle."  

To The Death is a direct piece of death metal, but with lots of tracks (13) which can make the experience of listener a little difficult on the first spins, but my favorite song so far is Hate. What is your favorite track off of To The Death? "It's hard to choose just one track from the new album, but amongst my favorites are tracks such as Warlords Unbound, Gospel of Judas and Hate. The idea was to have an album with more than 30 minutes of music and also an album that people would have to listen to it a few times to understand it and digest it properly."  

I still remember when Nervochaos appeared in the scene in 1990’s, and there was no free distribution of music, bootlegging and whatnot. What do you think about this loose distribution of metal music? Looking back and analyzing now: which age do you prefer? "It's difficult to compare such distinct eras. Back in the 90's it was harder to tour, to get a deal with a record label, to get gear,....but on the other hand there was more unity in the scene and more quality bands. Nowadays, with the internet and globalization, things appears to be easier, but aren't. Besides the facility to communicate (in real time) worldwide, I think the quality (and originality) dropped considerably and there's a lack of passion/support once everything is too easy....seems like people don't support it as much as they used to in the early days. I see a lots of "Youtube" head bangers that don't attend shows and don't truly support the scene."  

Talking about the beginnings, every Brazilian who is in touch with underground scene knows your name (as I said before).  But again, looking to the past and looking at things now, do you consider that Nervochaos has reached the initial aim of every band that is to leave an imprint in the musical scene for good? Or do you believe the band has much more to offer yet? "Thanks! I think we still have a lot to offer and a long rocky road ahead of us. We're forever underground and we're a live band. We love to tour and success for us is to be continuously touring and releasing albums. I think we definitively keep leaving an imprint on the musical scene, at least the Brazilian scene, but we're far from retiring and we'll keep on doing it."

Last and inevitable question: When shall Nervochaos be devastating Australia? Does the band have any blueprint to raze Aussie territory with its musical implosion in the near future?  "That would be a dream come true for us, to reach Australia. We don't have any good contacts but we want to start working on that territory as soon as possible. From our end, we'll do everything we can to reach the Aussie underground scene in the near future. Hail!"