2014 In Review: King Parrot's Matt Young - "The free U2 album was shit"

We kick off our series of looks back at the past year with one of Australian metal's big successes of 2014 - King Parrot.

Greetings, welcome and thanks for being the first in our series looking back at the past year! For the benefit of the tape, please identify yourself and what you do in the band. "Matt Young. King Parrot vocalist and audience violator".

Has it been a good year for the band? What have you spent the year doing? 'It’s been busy as hell, which means good in our books! Three Australian tours, four North American tours and some shows in Asia too. There’s nothing we’d rather be doing'. 

That's a healthy work ethic. When you look back on 2014 personally, what things stand out for you as highs and lows? "Appearing at SXSW in Texas and CMJ in New York were definite highlights. We toured North America extensively, saw all the sights, met the brilliant people and played the plethora of cool venues.  Housecore Horrorfest in Texas was great and one of the most laid back and enjoyable festivals I’ve ever been to. The passing of (festival prime mover) Corey Mitchell was terribly sad. Being away from friends and family while on tour is always tough, but it has to be done".  

Indeed it does. How was 2014 for you musically, aside from any projects you’re involved in? "I thought there was a great amount of cool music released this year and I think its cool the amount of diversity that is stemming from the rock and metal world. I love listening to all sorts of music, so I just love hearing new stuff".

So what were your favourite albums of 2014? "Child BiteStrange Waste, Die AntwoordDonker Mag, OriginOmnipresent, Eyehategod - Eyehategod, Beyond CreationEarthborn Evolution and MelvinsHold it in".

A nice mix. I've been meaning to have a listen to that Child Bite album. I'll do so directly after this interview is over. Now, we’re not going to ask for your worst album of the year, as people always say they try and stay away from bad music, but did you feel disappointed by any album that came out this year that you were looking forward to? "The free U2 album was shit just as expected, and yes I did listen to it before I deleted it". 

Very wise. We'll come back to that U2 album a bit later. What does 2015 hold in store for King Parrot? "A new record will be recorded and released in 2015 and then we will continue to tour around the world. We also want to make some cool new videos and we are tossing some ideas about at the moment…'

That's marvellous news. A new King Parrot vid is allways something to look forward to. On a wider note, how healthy do you think the extreme music scene is where you are from, looking towards 2015? Any bands we should be looking out for next year that we might not already know about? "There are some amazing bands from Australia and Melbourne in particular, and I for one am stoked that so many bands are springing up and trying to give it a go touring here and overseas. Some of my personal favourites are Horsehunter, High Tension, Batpiss, Clowns, Hadal Maw and Collusvs".

We'll keep an ear out for those. Moving away from the good stuff into more dubious territory, the last couple of years have seen almost every band from the eighties and nineties that were even half decent (and many not even that good) reforming for another go at stardom. Is this a reflection on the state of the music industry as it stands, with labels unable or unwilling to nurture young talent and punters forced into going out and watching something more tried and trusted? Or is it simply a reflection on the laziness of those same punters who’d rather watch a bunch of old blokes performing in their own tribute acts rather than risking a tenner on new music? "Who knows? It’s just great fun making music and playing shows, I try not to look into any more than that. Why wouldn’t these people want to do it again? As long as there is great music and people still going out to shows and enjoying live music then its great. If that ever stops then I will be worried, and hopefully dead".

Haha a good, positive answer. and taking that into account, is there anyone who hasn’t reformed that you might like a sneaky look at should they get back together? "How about The Beatles? Probably not gonna happen considering half the band is dead but it would be cool to see The Kinks, NWA, or Led Zeppelin reform. The original Black Sabbath line-up is a must". 

Now, to keep the old fart motif going a bit longer, let's go back to U2. what did you make of the whole U2/Apple business? Great piece of marketing or appalling imposition on individual privacy? "Who cares/ They suck big time. They can do whatever they want, it doesn’t change the fact that they haven’t done anything good since the eighties".

I think you're probably in the majority there! Next question: Vinyl, CD or MP3? "Vinyll all the way!"

Is the correct answer! And finally, is there anything else you'd like to bring to the attention of the MaF readership? "Look out for the new King Parrot album and tour in 2015. Thanks to all the people have supported us this year, we appreciate it more than you can imagine, and especially thanks to Metal as Fuck for being awesome and supporting the entire scene. It is greatly appreciated and doesn’t go unnoticed".

And thank you for the kind words! Have a great 2015!