Buried In Verona's Brett Anderson: 'We want people to see beyond the hate'

Sydney's Buried in Verona are ready to take the next step towards world domination...

After a couple of weeks of false starts and botched interview attempts, Metal as Fuck is finally having its first ever chat with Buried in Verona frontman Brett Anderson. This failure of communication is possibly a good thing, as it’s allowed for the release of the band’s absolutely stunning new album, Faceless, and for said record to sink a little into the collective consciousness so we all know what we’re talking about here. Small mercies, etc…

So, Mr Anderson – new album – what’s the reaction been like? “Very good! We’ve been playing a few songs, five or six I think, on the run of shows we’ve just been doing. The album had only been out a day and you know it’s gone well when the fans are singing back at you already. They were singing louder than me actually, which is a very good sign!”

What’s the plan when inserting the new material into a set –hit ‘em with a few greatest hits to get ‘em in the mood? Then inject some new material later on in the set? “Well actually we opened the set with the intro from Faceless (atmospheric scene-setter The Breach), then played the first track right after that. But then we mix in some of the crowd’s best loved songs, yes, get them involved and then some more of the new stuff. It seems to work quite well.”

And talking of plans and routines, which we were, you recorded Faceless with a different producer  (American Joey Sturgis) this time – Do you always record to a set pattern, and did this change disrupt the way you did things this time around in terms of those little studio habits? “We were very conscious that we didn’t want to get comfortable with this record. We recorded the first album with Greg Stace and the second with Fredrik Nordstrom, and we did approach everything in the same way. You get into a rhythm, and this time we were aware that the material was more aggressive, and we wanted the listener to hear us removed from our comfort zone while recording it.”

I guess for the musicians in the band changing things up is just more a case of adjusting some settings on an amp or an effects rack, but for you, you just have your voice – it’s a more complex, even unsettling process for a vocalist to switch things up, isn’t it? “Yes. I like to keep things quite raw, generally. Do one take and then add some highlights afterwards. Joey Sturgis made me sing everything two or three times.” That’s exhausting, isn’t it? “I’ve never been so fucked! I just wanted to get out of that studio. Two sing everything three times, every line, when you give so much to it… and then to still have to add the highlights in after that! I was fucking done in!”

It’s still better than doing a ‘proper’ job though, isn’t it? Whenever you find yourself playing in a toilet in America that doesn’t actually have a toilet, you just have to remember the alternative.” That’s right. And I’m not a people person either, so I’d be no good getting tips in those sort of jobs!”

So although it’s hard work, this has been your life for seven years now – How different is the reality of rock n’roll as compared to how you imagined it would be at the outset of this journey? “Of course it’s great, and it means you don’t have to ‘work’ for a wage, but I think the sixteen year old me would be surprised at how much of a slog it is for a lot of the time. It’s not like a day job, but you’re out on the road slogging it out for eight months, and then you come home and you spend your time off writing for a new record. I’m not complaining, but I think if I could change just one thing about it, there would be more time for sleep. I’m really not a morning person and if I don’t get enough sleep I’m a grumpy Brett all day.”

Now although the album is released here by Australian label UNFD, you’ve signed to industry heavyweight The Artery Foundation; Does this mean we’ll be losing you for the next twelve to eighteen months to the US? “We’ll be doing a lot of work in the US and Europe, but we’re conscious that we need to maintain our profile here. We’ll make sure we’ll do at least four or five big shows here in Australia doing this touring cycle.” You’re doing a run of dates in Australia next month, but no Canberra show? “No, not this time, but we’re working on another tour which will cover all the places we miss this time.”

So are you conscious of needing to keep up your profile here despite the need to spread the net wider? The scene moves very quickly these days – you don’t want to be forgotten. “We are conscious of that, but I don’t think the fans that have stuck with us from day one are going to leave us because we’re away from home. It’s more about maybe getting more people to come and see us, the people who maybe think we’re shit but haven’t actually heard us… we want as many people as possible to come and see us.”

It’s certainly a very diverse record, isn’t it? This would certainly seem to be the record to perhaps change the minds of those doubters? “We just want people to see beyond the hate… for whatever reason, and I really don’t know what it is, but we seem to get a lot of it, there are people who don’t know any of our music but think we’re shit.  And we want those people just to hear this record and maybe see for themselves that there’s stuff here that they can really get to like.”

Do you find it hard, moving from being a big fish in a relatively small pond to essentially starting again when you play abroad? “You have to accept it. You can’t turn up and expect to be playing big places, unless you are signed to some massive company that has money to pour in to whatever territory you are playing. And even the bands that have that have worked really hard somewhere to get to that point. As long as you have that good work ethic, you’ll be fine.”

And I’ve a feeling that Brett Anderson and Buried in Verona are going to be very fine indeed.


UNFD and The Artery Foundation present"


Faceless Australian Tour 

With special guests

Fit For A King (US),  Feed Her To The Sharks,  Ocean Grove 

16/04/14 Perth - Jurassic at Villa 18+ *

17/04/14 Bunbury - Elliot St Bar 18+ *

18/04/14 Leederville - YMCA HQ AA *

19/04/14 Brisbane - Crowbar 18+

20/04/14 Brisbane - The Lab AA

23/04/14 Adelaide - Fowlers Live Lic AA

24/04/14 Melbourne - Plastic 18+

25/04/14 Melbourne - Arrow on Swanston AA

26/04/14 Sydney - Bald Faced Stag AA

26/04/14 Sydney - Bald Faced Stag 18+

*Ocean Grove Not Appearing