Currently Unsigned: Leatherneck

Brit groovers Leatherneck are the latest Unsigned band in the spotlight...

Greetings, and as Is customary at this point I'd like to thank Leatherneck for taking part in our 'Currently Unsigned' feature... Now please inrtroduce yourself. Who are you, and what role do you play in the band? "I’m Joe Dobson and I play the geetar, or at least I try to. I have fingers like pigs tits!"

Well I'm no espert but I assume that must present problems. Who else is in the band? "Nic Johnson (Words), Andy Watson (Drums), Aron Armitage (Guitar) and John Swift (Bass)."

You've not mentioned any debilitating physical attributes when introducing those boys so we'll assume they have all been passed fit for active duty. Question three  – How long have you been together? "With this current line up around 7-8 months. Some of the lads have known each other a LONG time, It made a lot of sense to get a band together!"

Thank the maker some musical tastes were shared...How many releases do you have under your belts to date? "Two EP’s so far, Dust and Memories being the first, Medusa being the second. Both are available  through the usual big digital music stores like iTunes and Google Play!"

Getting a plug in early! There'll be time for all that later. Before that we have some highly serious questions we need you to answer, the first being this: Being unsigned in 2014 has different connotations to being unsigned in 1994, or even 2004. How important do you think record companies are in today’s modern world of social media et cetera? "I don’t know the ins and outs of record deals personally, but you do hear the stories about how record companies bleed bands dry/take advantage and how bands are supposed to only make money on tour through ticket sales/merch et cetera... As a band we would LOVE to be put in the position to be offered a record deal, at the very least it would mean we are moving in the right direction musically"...

Or not, given what a lot of labels see as worth signing... But enough of my jaundiced opinion. To expand on that theme a little further, how important is any of the ‘traditional’ impedimenta of the record industry in 2014? Are band managers, distro companies, merch companies and PR reps just other means by which a band can lose money or does each separate part of the machine still have something to offer the unsigned band? "As a band Leatherneck have dealt with literally ZERO of those kinds of people, we just go out and play our music and make people lose the contents of their bowels from time to time! One day maybe we will be able to answer that question a little differently. But with more excrement". 

That's the first time that question has descended into scatalogical fantasy. Best we move on I think. Next question:  What for you as a band has been the most effective means of getting your name out to a wider audience? "Facebook".

And the least? "Facebook'.

That's the end of the industry related snoozefest.  Now to the more interesting stuff – any tour/release plans in the near future? This is that chance to plug your shit I promised you! "We have some local shows coming up (all of which can be found on our facebook site), but the one we really want to share with the metal community is our new EP Medusa, it really is a big fat fucker that NEEDS to be heard!"

So where can people learn more about you generally as a band, and that big fat fucker in particular? ", @LeatherneckUK on Twitter, and you can also find us on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, YouTube and more".

Quite literally all bases covered then. Who needs labels and PR!  Anything else the readers of Metal as Fuck need to know about your band? "If there’s anything anyone who has read this should do, its watch this and get some groove in your face! You wont regret it".....