Currently Unsigned: Synaptik

We head back to the UK on our Worldwide search for unsigned metal talent...

Greetings, and welcome along to Currently Unsigned! First, would you be so kind as to identify yourself, and your role in your band? "John Knight, Singer".

Thank you. Who else makes up the band? "Guitarists Ian Knight and Jack Murton, the drummer is Pete Loades and on bass there's Kev Jackson".

And how long have you been together? "Synaptik formed in 2012." Tell us a bit more about yourselves. "We are known to incorporate elements from styles such as thrash, power and progressive metal. Synaptik aren't afraid to mix up the influences and certainly don't fear melody, even with our heavier than a black hole riffage and dynamic vocals, It's Death metal aggressiveness with a progressive, melodic outlook. We draw on influences old and new to create a mutant hybrid sound­scape that I feel makes us stand out".

How many releases do you have under your belts to date? "We've just launched our début album The Mechanisms of Consequence on German label Rebel Tune Records. A video for the single Your Cold Dead Trace is available now with the track downloadable for free. The single features guest vocals from Alan Tecchio (Watchtower/Hades/Non Fiction/Seven Witches). We have also all had album releases with our previous bands Inner Sanctum, Twisted Autumn Darkness & Fifth Season".

Ok, that's the introductory bits over and done with. Now for the first 'proper' question - Being unsigned in 2014 has different connotations to being unsigned in 1994, or even 2004. How important do you think record companies are in today’s modern world of social media etcetera? "I still believe record labels have their place, even when a band can record and produce their own album (Like we have) it still helps to have the positives that come along with being with a recognised label, money for promotion and buying onto tours for example; A band does seem to be taken more seriously if signed to an established label rather than self releasing credibility wise - sad but true, not that it's wrong either way, there is also a lot to be said for keeping control of your songs, artwork and finances, what ever works best for you".

Fair enough. But to extend that topic a little further, how important is any of the ‘traditional’ impedimenta of the record industry in 2014? Are band managers, distro companies, merch companies and PR reps just other means by which a band can lose money or does each separate part of the machine still have something to offer the unsigned band? "Heavy! (Laughs). There are lots of people out there that will rip off bands, play on their desire to succeed. Not everyone is a bastard though, but it's difficult to weed out the good from the bad, Once bitten twice shy, it's hard to trust people again and everyone is struggling to make ends meet. There's not much money in the music business now unless you are huge, even then it depends what deal you signed. You've just got to do it for the love of the music".

Sounds like you've had one or two bad experiences there - time to move on to the next question! What for you as a band has been the most effective means of getting your name out to a wider audience? "Gigging, the promo video. Letting the music speak for itself, It's a great album and I let it do the talking, Hopefully it will open some doors for us and allow us to play to many new people, to gain alarger label and to increase our fanbase".

Yep - onwards and upwards has to be the name of the game! And bad methods you've used? What's the least effective methos of connection? "Just creating a facebook page and hoping people will like or a label will just come along and discover you without getting out there. Some bands are a little deluded if they think that will happen".

So true. The same goes for putting apage up on facebook for an event and expecting it to do your advertising for you I think. The hard work still has to be done! Talking of which, If you don’t have a manager, how many hours a week do you spend on non­playing activities as a band? Do you do that stuff anyway even if you have a manager? "We are definitely looking for a Manager as I spend many hours daily promoting the band, replying to emails, interviews, designing promotional artwork, shirts etc It's a lot to do and all I want to do is write and sing, but it needs doing. We are actively seeking representation, so drop us an email!"

So the album is just out, what does the near future hold for Synaptik? "The video for the single Your Cold Dead Trace is available now with the track downloadable for free from here:­cold­dead­trace­feat­a... - please feel free to share! And yes, our debut album The Mechanisms of Consequence is out with World distribution through Rebel Tune Records a small Independant Label from Germany check out some of their other great acts! Now we will work on a bigger and better Synaptik - new songs, hopefully 'Management' and a Booking Agent -Both please contact if interested. Playing abroad, promoting the album and getting the Synaptik name on everybody’s lips and into everyone’s ears is the aim... Bigger label... Synaptik Rising!"

This, indeed, sounds like a plan - good luck with it all! Where can people keep up to date with happenings in the world of Synaptik? " and - Please Share and 'Like'!"

Will do. And finally - do you have any final words for the Metal as Fuck readers? "Synaptik combines the attack of melodic death metal with the deadly subtlety of progressive metal. The band features members who count Download festival appearances and guest slots with the likes of Exodus, Skyclad and Iron Maiden amongst our achievements. Expect a dizzying double-­barreled assault of intricate melody and sheer power. Support underground Metal. You rule!"