Greg Burgess of Allegaeon: "Every time we play the bay, the local bands are always amazing to me"...

More raps for Kreator, but a thumbs down for Metallica...

Hello Mr Burgess - welcome to Metal as Fuck! Thanks for taking part in our 30 years of thrash celebrations. To the questions! We all know who the Big Four are – but do you agree with that selection? Who would your Big Four be, and why? "I kinda agree on who the Big Four are. I don't necessarily like certain bands from the big four anymore, but I think they definitely have a right to be there. Anthrax seems to be one of the only ones most people have a problem with, but I really like Anthrax so I'll stick with them".

Fair enough. We're big Anthrax fans too. Having said that, Anthrax aren't a recognisably straightforward thrash band any more, are they? What is the quintessential sound of thrash would you say? Does it come from the Bay Area, from Germany, or from somewhere else? "I do think it started in the bay area, a sound that continues to this day, Every time we play the bay, the local bands are always amazing to me".

 So now we're going to ask you to name your five essential thrash albums I'm thinking there might be a few bay area albums in this list?

Killing Is My Business... And Business Is Good - Megadeth

W.F.O. - Overkill

Cause For Conflict - Kreator 

The New Order - Testament

Hell Awaits - Slayer

Three out of five! I'm a genius... Moving on, Who in your opinion are the best live thrash outfit of all time? "Overkill, time and time again they impress the hell out of me. Blitz never seems to age, dude turned 55 a fortnight ago and still destroys the stage! Testament also is a band that gets better every time I see them, and Kreator will always have a special place in my heart".

Yep, Kreator are making a regular thing of turning up in these lists! Now we've established the best, what about the worst?

"Metallica, I know that seems to be the band wagon hate band, but lets be honest they really have transcended the thrash genre, so I'm gonna say them. As a "thrash" band they don't really bring it anymore.  I saw them on the Death Magnetic tour, and I don't know if they just had a bad night or what but they were all over the place, and kinda butchered some of their older material".

A sad state of affairs, and one I don't want to dwell on at this point. Let's talk about the good stuff again - What are the key elements for writing a classic thrash tune? "A thrash beat, and some power chords".

Simple enough! So we've discovered the secret to good thrash, which musicians would make up your dream thrash outfit from the last 30 years to play the thrash beat with some power chords? "I'll take Bobby Blitz from Overkill and John Bush from Anthrax/Armored Saint, Robb Flynn from Vio-lence/Machine Head and Marty Friedman from Megadeth/Cacophony, Paul Bostaph from Slayer/Testament/Forbidden/Exodus, and lets say Steve DiGiorgio from Sadus/Testament/Death."

A formidable collection of talent! Finally, what do you think is the biggest gift given to heavy metal by thrash? "Gotta go with speed for this one. When the big four took the speed from punk and fused it with the British heavy metal we got a new genre".