King Parrot's Matt Young: "Touring's Not all Groupies and Luxurious Travel Arrangements!"

"Maybe it’s a sign the bands maturing a little bit [Laughs] no probably not". Matt Young

Trudging through the highlands and making their way through a prompt east coast mission, Metal As Fuck caught up with King Parrot’s Matt Young after the bands recent Canberra show to get the 411 on the bands new drummer; the impending American tour and… maturity?

Although brief, the crowds are lining up for this tour; are you able to confirm that these last strings of shows are in fact the last Australian shows for the band until 2015 “Yes, definitely, we’ve done a lot of shows in Australia over the past eighteen months; we really wanted to solidify our presence in Australia after we released the album. Ensure that our reputation of putting on a great live show was established – and we have done that to the highest level we can here at this time. This run has also meant that we can do ten shows with our new drummer Todd Hansen [The Berzerker/Rome] Todd has a lot of experience with touring and has fitted in so well with the band”.

King Parrot head out of the country on the 7th of August to play thirty odd shows with US titans Origin plus a special performance at Phil Anselmo’s Housecore Horror Festival in October. “We are having a month off after the Origin tour, we have organized a space, to get the new album finished, it’s tricky in Australia trying to find the down time to write and with the few lineup changes over the past eighteen months it’s just too difficult to get it done so we want to lock it in and lock it down with Todd and get everything happening so that we can start at looking into recording at the end of the year”. In terms of how much the band has in fact progressed over the past eighteen months, what will you be heading into the studio with? “We have a lot more work to do but we have made some progress and have been working on about five ideas at the moment, the songs seem to be longer this time, which is cool I guess, maybe it’s a sign the bands maturing a little bit [Laughs] no probably not [Laughs] I think the song writing is maturing and we are getting better working together and writing better songs and that’s promising, and what we’ve come up with so far I’m really digging, its taking a little bit of a turn. The material will still be punchy and I like the way the songs are taking shape”.

The thing is, King Parrot absolutely live for playing live and of course the associated touring, how are you going to cope not being able to play in this time the album is being recorded? “I don’t think we’ll stop, we’ve got the tour in the states, then a month off – where we’ll keep writing and playing and we might even throw in a couple of weekend shows while we’re there to keep our live set sharp, then another tour in October, then home for Christmas and probably by that stage we’ll have decided where we want to record and with who. There looks to be more touring after that, both the states and Europe are just finding out about our first album, whereas it’s been out for a while in Australia and people are used to it, and it’s doing what it can, it’s just one of those things where we have found its limit, but I mean it’s our first album so we’re under no illusion as to how much work we have to do, we are really positive that the next album will be a massive step up for the band and will find its way around with a pretty intense force. It’s all a matter of making sure we work with the best people we can to make the best album and also continue with the videos as we’ve found that it’s a crucial part of the bands identity and how we present ourselves”.

The band are now being approached by some massive players in the industry, everyone wants a piece of the King Parrot pie “It’s really cool, I’m happy what has happened with the one album, we are very grateful and will continue to work hard at it. It’s not all groupies and luxurious travelling arrangements, it’s a lot of hard work and a lot of sleepless nights but we have so much fun doing it, we love it and we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else”. American tours for the band are becoming very rewarding it seems “We didn’t know what to expect from the first tour, it went well, actually it went really well – we got some management out of it, we’ve been invited back for two additional tours this year, so we’ll just continue to build it and build it, maybe one day we could do our own headlining tour in the states once the new album comes out, that would be a monumental achievement for the band”.   

King Parrot head out to the home of the brave next week and I am certain that bravery is what they will need when they come head to head with the Parrot.