Non thrash bands with epic thrash songs!

Thrash metal means more than just the big four...

Thrash is an interesting genre of music. Dominated by four legendary acts who stand head and shoulders above the artists they influenced there has yet to be a true contender in terms of global success  in comparison to Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. I am definitely not a denim vested, white hi-top wearing motherfucker, but I have enjoyed some thrash metal bands over the years, alongside death/black metal et cetera, and thought today for this edition of '30 years of thrash' I'd discuss the fringe dwellers of “thrash music”. Not necessarily thrash bands in the true sense, but bands that have made one or two songs that stand up to anything from the “Big Four”.  

Even saying that – none of the “Big Four” have really stayed true to their genre. Metallica put out the awesome album St Anger which clearly showed growth when compared to baseless albums such as ...And Justice For All, and Slayer put out their best Slipknot impression with Diabolus in Musica, Anthrax tried to get their inner Creed arena rock on with Safe Home and Megadeth.. fuck they have just got better and better since Peace Sells… As I said, Im not expert – but through my old band Double Dragon I was lucky enough to play alongside Slayer and Megadeth on an Australian tour so I guess I have enough credentials to put my two cents in.

So buckle up kids – get your you tube hitting fingers ready for some thrash songs by bands that aren’t really “thrash”!

The Haunted Bury Your Dead

If you heard the album Unseen by The Haunted it really does sound like a different band all together. Sure, different singer and all, but this is the type of shit that made The Haunted a band we actually know about. Sweden is a long way from the Bay Area, but this, in terms of aggression, stands up against anything the "Big Four” has produced. Definitely a better song that Super Collider or HeadCrusher.

Truth Corroded -  Decimate

For Australian thrash, sure we have Mortal Sin, Desecrator, Hobbs Angel Of Death etc., but for me, it’s this song that kicks rings off all the rest. Truth Corroded aren’t your typical “Thrash” band, more like blackened thrash, or death thrash, or just heavy brutal shit, but this track, with the heavy right hand, the energy, and knowing these guys are found doing the Toxic Waltz at some bar at any given weekend worldwide – this track gets the A-OK from me. And it’s much more thrash than something like, Frantic...

Pantera Living Through Me

This song is like putting your balls on the table and punching them in terms of brutality. Are they thrash? Well – to me this is much more thrash than Nothing Else Matters or Crush ‘Em so yeah. Definitely Inspired by thrash metal (and Exhorder back in the day – allegedly?) but yeah. Again – Id rate this song more thrashing than anything the “Big Four” has ever put out.

Faith No More  - Surprise! You're Dead

Holy fuck shit this is THRASH. Faith No More and thrash metal? Fuck yeah kids, hit play and tell me that aint thrash metal. I’d even say this track is more thrash and more brutal than the two songs above it. Seeing Jim Martin, Mike Bordin and Cliff Burton went to the same high school, and played in a band, it’s no surprise (pardon the pun) that Faith No More have one legit thrash banger.


Granted, Sepultura became a much more brutal band when they swapped this sound for Korn riffs and “Jumpin' The Fuck Up” but they did have some pretty slamming thrash metal before they were fucken around with Fred Durst and Corey Taylor. This track  is great, granted it hasn’t got awesome lyrics like “Soulfly and Hootie and the mothafucken Blowfish” but this song, and album KILLS.

Double DragonSlaughter Of Virtue

This is thrash. I hope it is, cos at the time it was the in-thing so we tried to jump on the train, for a track. It ticks the boxes in my humble opinion.

And finally, bugger it..the masters of THRASH…

Metallica – Mama Said

Keeping shit real as always.

Thanks for the kick ass tunes THRASH METAL!