Origin: Soon In The Omnipresent

"Origin Are Very Great, It's Like Three Gods & A Vocalist" laughs Jason Keyser

“Hey Metal As Fuck Australia how you doing? You’re doing well? You’re all so far in the future I’m still rocking Thursday afternoon; give me some lotto numbers we’ll win big” gags Jason Keyser, vocalist of Origin, a definite staple in the diet of any metal head. Origin has defied all limits of gravity, speed, precision and brutality. In fact the definition of the word brutal was built around this band. Heavy contenders to all death metal enthusiasts and held as the foundation in which all bands are measured. We dive into the world of Origin and their latest album Omnipresent…..    

Origin have recently released the latest album, in fact your studio premiere, how did it all go? " The studio premiere went fantastic, once we were all in the same place. I mean John [Longstreth – Drums] who lives in same area as me, our bassist is in Kansas and our guitarist is in California, so in terms of American geography that’s expansive, about 3000 miles. Yeah so before I went in I was warned by John that the Origin recording process is stressful, everybody bugs out and loses their minds, songs are written like a minute before they’re recorded, just madness, so I was nervous, I was prepared for chaos and it turned out to be the smoothest recording in the bands history they tell me [Laughs] all the guys were like ‘wow this is surprisingly easy’. I’m not very high maintenance and I won’t take credit for it but maybe I smoothed things along a little bit”. [Laughs]   

Well you’re obviously adding something because it was Paul Ryan [Guitar/Vocals] who mentioned that you have added a further dimension to the music of Origin, so with comments like these, how was the pressure for you whilst writing for the album? “I didn’t necessarily try to emulate any of the previous vocalists, I mean all the vocalists from the band have influenced me so it comes out regardless, but I used my style from what I hear from the music. It’s definitely my style on an Origin album; there is no clean singing though [Laughs]. I wrote about like 9…. Well most of the songs on the album except for one, I was trying to make Paul write more, because I wanted that signature style, so I hounded him but he only wrote one and I was kind of disappointed ‘oh you could have written more’ and once I heard it when it was done, I was like ‘dammit, this is the best song of the album!’ I just admire Paul [Laughs] but really, all the tracks, they’re all good [Laughs]

From Origins back catalogue that you have in fact been playing live as well as the new album – what has been some of the most important things you have learnt about the genre since jumping in? “Hmmm, well I’ve come from bands prior to Origin that started out really big on crowd participation, heavy, slam, mosh, spit…. I don’t know if I can curse, this may be recorded…. What am I saying, of course I can curse, this is Metal As Fuck! So um when I joined the band, there was this whole new element of live crowd interaction, getting people pumped and involved, people that may have previously gone to an Origin show just to watch in awe of the musicianship and the technicality of the playing, but now it is my goal to get the people who would just be standing there with their arms folded watching Paul or Mike [Flores – Bass] shred, it’s my goal to get them into a frenzy, get them jumping off the stage – its going pretty well so far”. It’s funny you mention that; Origin, the world’s leaders in technical death metal right now have the ability  to reduce the biggest, meanest, toughest metal heads into fourteen year old fan girls. “It’s something we take pride in [Laughs] We played a show in Germany once and there was this one really excited fan in the front who got my attention and pulled me forward and says Origin, you are very great, you are like three gods and a vocalist [Laughs]…. And I got all sad and asked myself the question; why can’t it be four gods? [Laughs] that’s bullshit! At least by the end of the set he came around; can it be four gods now? And he said yes [Laughs]   

Death metal is definitely one of a kind, it’s held very high with a lot of musicians, so what are some of the standards you live to when writing an album? “The overall misanthropy, welling in the suffering that is the writing and recording process, just embracing the agony – it’s not pretty, it’s not a fun process. I’ve personally never enjoyed the process. Its grueling, it’s disheartening [Laughs] it’s a terrible, terrible time, yet the finished product is a breath of fresh air – it doesn’t have to be good or bad, just that it’s done [Laughs] it’s the best feeling in the world. That and beer, a lot of beer was drunk. Other illicit substances may or may not have been consumed or inhaled… But I wouldn’t know anything about that and the whole thing ended up being a haze of Midwestern BBQ, and lunatics going crazy, forcing us to party. The new album, man it’s pretty damn good”. Apart from the agony of BBQing, what were some of the challenges you came across? “Well obviously things don’t go according to plan, the general writing on the fly was nerve-wracking, but it's those songs which always turn out to be some of the best tracks [Laughs] they are my favourite on the record now. No second thoughts – they are the purest of songs. It’s a super diverse album; there is a lot of weird shit going on, stuff that is not weird but weird for Origin. Proving that we can write slow [Laughs] as well as playing in genres a little outside of our norm”.      

A set which Australia is definitely looking forward to seeing, in a lot of intimate venues this tour which is fantastic “Yeah, intimate venues are our bread and butter. That’s where you can get super close, close enough to step on their hands, accidentally knee someone in the face, these are the venues you can viscerally grab someone and pull them onto the stage and push them back out, everyone is so tight packed in, it’s all ok. Safety first [Laughs]. But you Australians don’t have to worry about a thing, you guys are notorious for being brutal in mosh pits. Speaking of which, we toured Japan last year, during our last two shows, there were definitely a couple of ‘Aussies’ there. You guys stand out in Japan [Laughs]. These guys were just lunatics. Giant dudes just climbing up like ten metre speaker cabinets and diving onto a sea of tiny Japanese kids, over and over again, just crushing them, these huge guys, with no regard [Laughs] I mean it was funny for me [Laughs] so we expect nothing less from you guys, our stage is your stage Australia, just don’t break the equipment cause we kinda need it [Laughs].

 “We’re actually full on with this tour; a run through south East Asia, a first for us so China & Taiwan then we have Hammersonic in Indonesia; it’s going to be awesome. That’s the end of the tour cycle for the Entity CD. Then we start in Europe for the Omnipresent tour. We may or may not be participating in the Summer Slaughter American Tour, I can’t confirm or deny, but that’s one of the biggest tours in the states and I’ve had a peak of the lineup and its back to being brutal death metal… Europe, Mexico, Eastern Europe, back to America, back to Europe, so yeah just bouncing around the globe for a while [Laughs]  




Dedicated to JJ Lodding