An Attempted Interview With Confession's Michael Crafter

I think my equipment might be playing up...

Sometimes, in the wonderful world of online metal writing, us writers are occasionally placed into situations that require us to behave as if we’re actual journalists. These situations frequently occur in real time and put us under the gun in any event that things go wrong. Of course, things inevitably DO go wrong and when they do, there are no second chances, no re-dos and certainly no backing out. The public is waiting for their scoop goddamit! So, it falls to us, the humble writers, to put our skills to use and make the best of a bad situation. We are, after all, professionals.

As such, the following interview with Confession frontman and Aussie hardcore legend Michael Crafter has been painstakingly assembled from audio fragments after technical issues nearly rendered the interview unlistenable. So, dear reader, I hope you can bear with me.

The interview starts off well enough. Confession is rather renowned for their energetic performances, much like many acts coming from the Aussie hardcore scene, and they also recently completed some tour dates across Australia with fellow core-crews The Amity Affliction and In Heart’s Wake. I decide that asking about that would be a good way to break the ice. A mundane question perhaps, but hey, you have to start somewhere.

Author: “You’ve just wrapped up some tour dates with The Amity Affliction. How did that tour go?” Crafter: “Yeah, the tour was good. The shows were pretty big. Everything about it was cool; we’re out touring with our mates, having a good time and we got to play big shows every day…”

Almost immediately, the problems begin. The audio crackles in and out, only the barest of utterances, the slightest of syllables are audible. It is hard to describe the panic that sets in when you realise that something has gone terribly wrong and there is nothing you can do to fix it. What were Crafter’s remaining thoughts on that tour? I’m afraid we shall never know. 

However, when faced with such a problem, one must be resourceful and think on one’s feet. As such, I decide that the proper thing to do- the Australian thing to do- would be to ignore the problem and hope it fixes itself. As such, I continue. Author: “You’ve been able to play all over the world, what have been some of your favourite places to play?” Crafter: “Europe’s cool. The States are good, I really like Japan. I feel like everywhere I’ve been is real good the first time because it’s like such a novelty to go there. I like Sweden a lot.”

Aha! A lead. I must jump on this quickly and see where it takes me. Author: “What is it about this novelty of visiting new places that makes it wear off so quickly?” Crafter: “Well, bad American food makes you hate America really fast. Sometimes you go to places and it’s like you’ve been home for too long. You get sick of home and want to go out on tour, then you go out and tour and you tour for so long that you get sick of being on tour. It’s one of those things where if I’ve gone to the States…” It cuts out again. We almost got to a cohesive thought there, but alas.

I turn the conversation towards the band’s impending Soundwave performances.  Author: “You’re going to be heading off to Soundwave at the end of the month. What do you look forward to most about playing Soundwave?” Crafter: “Just the size of the shows and the facts that all of the bands are so well looked after. It’s just a good vibe throughout the whole thing.”

Author: “Can we talk about your Soundwave intro video? I saw the barbeque teaser you did and even heard some talk about crocodiles being involved.” Crafter: “I was meant to film the actual Soundwave introduction video in a tank with a crocodile, but the GoPro ran out of battery [laughs]. So we couldn’t film it, but I was actually in the tank with a crocodile though.” Author: “What was it like being in there with that croc?” Crafter: “It was pretty crazy. It’s literally right in front of you. Once you get in the water…” I swear these audio issues are conspiring to cut out the most interesting parts of this conversation. 

Author: “What’s your opinion of the state of heavy music in Australia right now?” Crafter: “I think on paper it looks bigger than ever because of the size of some of the bigger tours and bigger shows…” What follows this interesting tease, that suggests something beyond your typical phoned in answer to this question, is a few minutes of white noise. The garbled sounds coming out of the speaker are quite animated. I can only imagine Crafter is tearing into the dark underbelly of the Australian music scene, revealing the stark realities of working in a scene of apathetic audiences and economic hardship. Or not. Best to not dwell on such thoughts and move on.

Author: “What’s the hardest part of being in a band?” Crafter: “Dealing with each other. I think the fact that you’re in a van or on a plane or sharing a hotel together, it’s like having a group of girlfriends that equally do your head in. It’s the same for all of us. We’ve all had it the same for every band [we’ve been in]. You go on tour and sometimes you just need your own space because you’re around each other so much.” Well that’s one coherent thought flowed through to completion. The little victories are what counts.

Author: “What’s in store for Confession for the rest of the year?” Crafter: “I think we’ve got a few shows in New Zealand and places like that where we actually haven’t had a chance to play much.” And with that telling revelation, the signal cuts out for the final time. The ordeal is over. All we can do is learn from this experience and hope it never happens again.