Canadian Metal Assault: Speed Demon

We kick off our month-long look at what's happening in the Canadian underground metal scene with a chat with Winnipeg thrashers Speed Demon!

Hello to you sir! We've not come across you before, so please, for the benefit of our readers, tell us a bit about yourself and your band. "What's up Metal as Fuck! My name is Zee Demon and I play guitar and sing for thrash band Speed Demon. I founded the band in 2013, and by 2014 I had recruited Kyle Bettens on drums, Dustin Kubi on lead guitar and Ian Powell on bass. We've only been around a short while but have been making big waves in our local scene. We've played some killer shows with some killer Winnipeg bands. We are the young energetic band that loves to thrash, party and get wild on stage!"

That's good to hear. So what got you into all this wildness? Who or what are the bands' main inspirations and/or influences? What drove you to take up the cudgels in the name of metal? "The metal drives us and the liquor fuels the Speed Demon train )laughs). Honestly the energy is what we love about playing thrash metal. To keep the spirit alive and to play a style the whole band grew up with, that's what makes it really fun! One of my main influences would have to be Sepultura - they are a huge influence on me!"

You mentioned playing local shows earlier - What’s the metal scene like in Winnipeg? And what do you think of the scene in Canada generally? "We have a strong scene in Winnipeg, with lots of variety when it comes to metal. There's a lot of great bands right now in Winnipeg. Canada is great as a whole, just so damn big!"

Haha Yes! We know all about that here in Australia! So does the vast size of Canada present problems for you in terms of touring and otherwise promoting your band? "For sure it does! It takes forever to get from city to city and that eats up the gas/cash when touring. But the internet helps a lot to get our shit out there". 

Yep. We don't spend enough time saying it, so I'll say it now - GOD BLESS THE INTERNET! Now, Speed Demon are a thrash band, and some of MaF’s favourite ever thrash bands (well, mine and Mick Strong's favourites, anyway) come from Canada – do you think Canadian thrash has a unique sound? "I think it all depends on your influences but definitely some of my favorite thrash bands are Canadian as well - Exciter, Annihilator, Sacrifice and Razor to name a few. Sacrifice and Razor are headlining this years Manitoba Metalfest which is really awesome to see".

It is indeed! I'd almost be tempted to head Canadawards for that! Especially for Razor! So who would you say, on balance, was the greatest Canadian metal band of all time? "Skull Fist!!"

I must admit that wasn't the answer I was expecting! And what about a lost metallic gem from Canada that the wider world might have missed out on? You can't say Skull Fist again by the way...  "Check out the band Vicious, their first record First Drop of Venom is really rad! They are traditional metal but have an original sound and a really cool thing going ONon. They are touring Australia later this year!"

That's marvellous news! We'll be sure to look out for them! They're playing the Steel Assassins festival in Sydney which should be great...And apart from Speed Demon, and Skull Fist and Vicious,  are there any other up and coming Canadian bands we should be keeping an eye on?  "For sure! Check out Noire, Entity, Vathek and Endless Chaos. All great Winnipeg bands!"

Will do! Now, we always give this opportunity in our Q&A sessions - Here’s your one and only chance to plug your shit – what can we buy from you, and where can we find out more about you? Any gigs/tours coming up? "Right now we got T-shirts, girls tanks, patches and stickers for sale. We have a demo out on Reverbnation and are recording an EP later this summer. For now its gigging and recording and a Western Canadian tour coming in September 2015. Check us out on facebook at Speed Demon Thrash to keep posted".

Good stuff -Finally, Anything else our readers need to know about Speed Demon? "Rock on mutha fucka! Metal up your ass!"

Thanks for taking part!