Claim The Throne: Celebrating Ten Years

My first thought of reaching ten years, is the amount of partying we've done

Ten years is nothing to sniff at; aside from killer tunes, ten years in  a band takes committment, determination and a superhuman liver. Many bands reach this milestone and beyond; however many don't. The latest Australian band celebrating this milestone is Western Australia's Claim The Throne. Metal As Fuck caught up with guitarist Dysie recently to chat about their long list of accomplishments and what they see for the future of the band.... 

First thoughts when I say ten years of Claim The Throne? “My first thought would be the amount of partying we’ve done and the amount of hangovers we’ve had [Laughs] but it’s all been worth it, It’s been a lot of fun which is what it’s all about since day one. It’s what we like to do, we like to play, party and have fun”.

What milestones have you ticked off in this time?“Although I haven’t been in the band myself for ten years I have been a part of the band for a number of years. During this time I first began filling in on bass for the band and have been a full time guitarist in the band for about five years now. In all this time, the band have released a number of albums and EPs, but highlights would definitely be supporting bands like Finntroll and Alestorm, then subsequently being invited on tour with Alestorm through the UK, which was a massive highlight for us; to our release of Forged In Flame (2013) which garnered some of our greatest reviews to date. There have been so many things we’ve been able to tick off – opportunities to play overseas; including Japan, and Korea; the Hammasonic Festival. The biggest milestone so far though I think is being the first Australian band invited to play 70,000 Tonnes of Metal, so that will wrap up our American tour this year. A great deal of our success can be placed with the bands attitude, the attitude of enjoying the moment and having fun and the music speaks for itself. It’s been a great ride so far and we hope it keeps its momentum for another ten (or more) years and tick off some further boxes”.  

What keeps you pushing?“The fact that we have achieved quite a bit and we are given these great opportunities to travel to other places keeps our attitudes strong and positive; we enjoy the band, we enjoy each other’s company; we’re great friends, we’re always having a laugh and being idiots. The group, which has been pretty solid for the past five years now, have established good form and a great harmony within the band. The goal now for us really I guess is to get this new album out”.  So what can we expect from the new album? ''We did so well with the last album so out goal is to I guess try to top that. The material we’re churning out at the moment is pretty relentless. You’ll definitely see another level from Claim The Throne. We’re confident that fans will be impressed with the outpouring of ideas being pumped into this new album. I did mention to the guys though that there is an issue with playing these new songs whilst under the influence – so I guess that’s another challenge we’ll have to overcome [Laughs] We hope to write material that sends us elsewhere - send Claim The Throne around the world. When you see Aussie bands like King Parrot doing so well you know, and good on them, they work really hard. So the doors that Aussie bands are opening at the moment really are inspiring. As much as we are a bunch of clowns on stage; we still continue to aim higher of course. There are a lot of great bands out there, a lot of competition, and why not. You’ve just got to be one step ahead and focus on what you’re doing. I have a lot of experience within the industry and I have seen my fair share of bullshit but you’ve just got to keep pushing past those things that get in your way”.

What have you all learnt about your craft in this decade long period? “Have we learnt anything? [Laughs] seriously though, one of the most important things for bands to realise is to make the most of the opportunities that you are offered. If you get these great opportunities don’t be a dick, don’t burn bridges, this would be my best piece of advice for bands”. We’ve also learnt to be a bit more serious about our song writing; not so much our presence on stage [Laughs] we learnt to take our song writing more seriously from Forged In Flame, and we’re appreciative of that”.  

Ambition is a key factor for any band, so what have been some of the challenges the band have had to overcome in order to celebrate this ten year milestone? “Money! Money is ALWAYS a challenge [Laughs] we’re willing to put the band first, whatever it takes to do it, debt, whatever – money challenges have never held us back; I mean we’re very fortunate that we have both sustainable and flexible jobs, in saying that, keeping our band/work balance is always a challenge but we have to make it work, not just touring but allowing time to write and record new music. We’ve overcome all the obstacles that have been thrown at us and we’ll continue to do so”.  

Tell us more about the national tour – I understand the band is hitting Asia on your way to the East Coast? “Claim The Throne have the ten year anniversary gig at Amplifier Bar, Perth which will send us on our way – we officially kick the Australian tour off on September 4th in Sydney at The Bald Faced Stag, after we return from Japan. Then Hell on the Bay in Melbourne – a boat cruise, we seem to like cruises now, Hell on the Bay was the first gig we were asked to play and to head to Melbourne from Perth for one show is a big stretch so we started building a tour around it. September 6, sees us playing a Sunday Metalfest in Geelong. We're pretty keen for this tour. Nothing will stop us. Any conditions, any climate, any temperature, we’ll be there, as long as there is beer flowing and people moshing, we’ll be involved!”.


 31 July 2015 - Amplifier Bar, Perth

 August 21 - Osaka, Japan

 August 22 - Nagoya, Japan

 August 23 - Tokyo, Japan

 September 4 - Bald Faced Stag, Sydney

 September 5 - Hell on the Bay, Melbourne

 September 6 - Barwon Club, Geelong