Fifteen Albums That Shook the Twentieth Century?

A little while ago we put together a list of records we thought were key releases for varying reasons, all of which came out in the last century - It was by no means a definitive list, just a discussion document... After a while we decided to throw the list out there to see what some of our MaF-friendly musicians thought of it, starting with BIRTH AD's bassist/frontman, Jeff Aidie...

Hello! Long time no chat! Anyways, thanks for taking part in the latest Metal as Fuck Q&A! Basically, the premise is this: We’ve listed fifteen key albums from the last century, and we’d like to hear your thoughts on them… Good or bad!

I’m kicking off with Led Zeppelin’s fourth album. I’m not going to waste time listing the various titles. You know the one I mean. “Here's the album they purposely failed to name to keep stoned college students arguing about the meaning of the symbols for decades to come. It also ensured that everyone who ever worked at a music store would be made miserable by endless attempts at Stairway to Heaven. On the other hand, they did manage to write an absolutely perfect song to play over disaster footage of Hurricane Katrina”. 

If only the TV people who do the music for those montage things actually had the gumption to use proper music like Zeppelin… Moving on to our second album - Deep Purple’s Machine Head. Thoughts? “The only song you know is Smoke on the Water. Don't even lie”.

Incorrect. You forget I’m a very old man. Perhaps not old enough to remember Machine Head when it came out, but nonetheless… I know stuff. Next up: Black SabbathSabbath Bloody Sabbath. “Remember back when bands named their albums after the best track of the album, and that track was the opener? It was about as satisfying as premature ejaculation, just so you know”.

We’ll take your word for it. Now, moving forward in time a little what have you got on Van Halen’s eponymous debut? “I'm not big into guitar wankery, or traditional rock music for that matter, but Eddie Van Halen's solos and David Lee Roth's whistle register were something to talk about. And where would pornographic rap albums be without loops of those opening riffs?

Where indeed. What about Bomber by Motörhead? “Now we're talking! Motherfucking Ace of Spades!!! Oh... that's a different album? Wait, they had more than one?”

I can hear fingers being cracked and letters of complaint being rattled off even now… Let’s try you with Judas PriestBritish Steel. Surely you’ll like that? “What's more metal than an album cover depicting a hand gripping a razor blade that's not to scale? Wearing a t-shirt featuring that album cover while listening to your favourite Judas Priest album, which is Painkiller".

Damn your eyes! I was sure you’d go for that… OK, how about Iron Maiden’s Powerslave? ”Definitely some metal anthems on this one, plus I got my high school English teacher to let me play the song when we studied the poem, and the one rocker chick in my class who had enormous breasts really thought it was cool of me, so that was my teenaged moment in the sun”.

Yep, I too managed to work Rime of the Ancient Mariner into my schoolwork, much to the chagrin of the indie kids who weren’t able to shoehorn Echo and the Bunnymen lyrics into their exam answers. Staying in the mid eighties, let’s have a stab at MetallicaRide the Lightning. Any good? “Proof that Metallica was far better without Mustaine. In fact, everything in this world is better without Mustaine. Let's kill him!”

Poor old Dave… he has at least managed to come up with a decent drop of red recently, so he can’t be all bad. Can he? Anyway, album number 9 is Slayer’s South of Heaven. “Even though this is my favourite Slayer album, and also one of my favourite albums of all time, its impact is relatively small compared to its predecessor. That's true of almost everything in metal since then, actually, and I am fine with it”.

At last! We have approval. I should probably quit while I’m ahead here, but it’s fifteen albums in the title, so fifteen albums it is, which means next in the firing line is  SepulturaChaos AD. Off you go!  “The birth of metalcore! Woohoo! It made an impact, all right, but in all the wrong fucking ways. The one with the orange skull? That's the one you're after”.

Beneath the Remains? I’ll pay that. Some keelar riffs on that album. What about grunge? We have to have a grunge album on this list, so here’s  Alice in ChainsDirt. “One of the bands out of the Seattle scene that I didn't despise, though I wouldn't call myself a fan. The best thing about this album is that it didn't feature Man in the Box”. 

Korn’s – Life is Peachy is next. Betcha love this 'un?  “I've never heard a proper note of this album, and I don't plan to change that. Nu metal is the soundtrack of loserdom”.

I like that. We could use that as some kind of Metal as Fuck mission statement. Now, tumbling headlong towards the end of the century, what about Burn My Eyes by Machine Head? “ Vio-lence sucked, Machine Head sucks, and Robb Flynn sucks. Remember the frosted hair and the red jumpsuit? Machine Head is one of those bands that, while still bafflingly popular, will always will be a zero-sum gain in terms of influence or contributions”.

It’s sad that releasing an album in a vacuum-sealed bag full of simulated vomit counts for nothing in your eyes. Still, takes all sorts, eh? Only two left now, and the penultimate album on our list is Type O Negative’s October Rust.  “WHADDA YOU, QUEER?”

Only in as much as I rather like the lesbian empowerment anthem My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend. Now, taking what’s left of my finer sensibilities in my own hands I offer up our final proposition: DeftonesAround the Fur…  “With the what, now? Huh? Se habla español?”

I don’t I’m afraid, but I’ll assume that means you don’t like the album. Finally, what other album – just the one – do you think should be on a list of records that ‘shook the twentieth century’- and why? “I alluded to it earlier, and it should absolutely be Reign in Blood by Slayer. I shouldn't have to explain why. You are a huge pussy if you don't agree with me”.

In view of which, it’s goodbye from Jeff, and a big MEEOWW from me…