Jeremy Spencer for Five Finger Death Punch: No ‘Bad Company'

“We don’t want a bunch of songs that sound the same, we want variety“

You Can Live Just Like A Star‘– the chorus for one of Five Finger Death Punch‘s biggest hits seems to be coming to fruition for the Las Vegas locals and is ultimately the anthem for their stellar ascent. Over the past decade, Five Finger Death Punch have endeavoured to jostle the old music industry by creating such a furious image; such a menacing sound, and a style that others have failed to emulate. Consistently touring around the world – and more currently on the road with long time pals, Papa Roach and In This Moment - 5FDP‘s latest chart-topper Got Your Six seems to be one of the band’s biggest achievements to date.... Metal As Fuck caught up with drummer Jeremy Spencer, to chat about the latest album reaping havoc over fans; the desire for hair removal and the conditioning of their creative process…..

The title of your latest studio album Got Your Six origins from the military meaning 'I’ve got your back'. So the military is still a big influence on your creative process? “Well, certainly. We have a really great respect for the military; we always have. It was a concept that Zoltán [Bathory – Guitar] came up with. It was appropriate because it’s our sixth album, so the Got Your Six title fits in really nicely with that and ties in with the military aspect of course. We’ve always been huge supporters of the military so anytime we can visit the troops; play shows and give our immense support, we take it. Hopefully, we get to do more of that on this touring cycle but nevertheless, the album is doing really well, debuted at number two on the overall Billboard charts here in America, it has a number one in top album sales! So far so good”.

The overall media response for Got Your Six was predominantly positive – honestly, did you expect that? “Well, no. I mean, we’ve been fortunate enough to have some good reviews and some success in the past and you always hope that your new release is gonna do well, but you never really know exactly until it’s out there. We’re pleased with what we’re hearing so far; everyone seems to be enjoying the record, we’re selling quite a bit and it has a lot of positive response so, we’re happy”. I have my favourites, and I’m sure the rest of the fans do to however, what would you say is your favourite track on the album? “My favourite track is Wash It All Away right now. It was released as a single for the album. I dig the chorus, it has a very cool groove, and I like the beat - you know, it’s just fun to play. Who knows, it may change next week, but that’s the one I like right now”. [Laughs] Got Your Six is packed with a lot of hits that would all work on their own individual release anyway, so – how much material is usually written before deciding which songs are going to be the on the album? “We usually just write until it feels right; we write until we feel that the record is done. There is really no set way, we don’t start out with anything in mind necessarily but we just kind of want the record to have an overall vibe that feels good; to take the listener on a journey. We don’t want a bunch of songs that sound the same, we want to have variety”.

The band has just started its tour with Papa Roach and In This Moment, how is that going so far? “It’s been great, most of the shows are close to sold out, so it’s definitely exciting. We’re playing in arenas in front of thousands of people every night. All the bands get along; it feels like we’re all here just jamming with our friends. We’ve all done tours together in the past, so a bunch of friends playing sold out shows to thousands of fans who are also digging the music - yeah, it’s a really good time, man”. The band seem to be touring, all the time – are there any cities still on the bucket list for the band? “I think it would be cool to do some South-American touring, we haven’t done any of that yet. Brazil would be great. I think playing in China would be cool too. So yeah, still a lot to see. I still have a bucket list of bands I’d like to share the stage with too, like Metallica or Iron Maiden, this would be a childhood dream come true for me”. [Laughs]

As well as being recognised as an incredible pool of talent; Five Finger Death Punch is also known for having incredibly unique merchandise and mostly all the members of the band wear your own designs during your shows. How much influence do you have as a band on the design? “Zoltán designs pretty much all of our merchandise, he’s the guy that‘s always been in charge of it, so it’s kind of an in-house process which is really nice. It allows us to have more control at 5FDP HQ. Zoltan was a graphic designer for years, and he’s really talented. I’ve always thought he has a great eye for design and a lot of people agree. I’ve been seeing a lot of Death Punch shirts among the crowd, so, they’re buying us”. [Laughs]

In April 2015 you opened your own tattoo removal studio in Las Vegas and I heard that it was very important to you to offer treatment with the best technologies available. So, how is business going? Are you often in the studio yourself when you’re not on the road? “I’ll step in to see how the shop is doing and I call all the time to check on the Managers I hired. I also have my father overseeing it as well. Business is starting to pick up, it’s doing better; it takes a little while to build up a new business but we added hair removal and things like that, that’s pretty popular these days, lots of ladies coming in wanting to get hair removed [Laughs]. I’m proud of the business; I’m happy and I’m hoping to expand in the future to have more locations at some point, but right now I’m more just focusing on the band”. So besides opening your tattoo removal studio, releasing your autobiography last year and of course being in 5FDP, what’s your next venture? “I do have an idea. I’m not going to reveal it just yet, I’ve been working out some things and I will be announcing it when it’s appropriate. All the guys in the band are always busy doing something [Laughs], there’s no downtime for us. I definitely have some things in the fire and I’m looking forward to revealing them when the time is right”.....