King Parrot's Matt Young: "Dead Set is Killer!"

"Well they're just not Slatts Are They"

King Parrot on stage is reminiscent of those visiting cousins you remember fondly as a child, you know the ones - from your Aunt’s side, twice removed; those hyperactive cousins that would rip the heads off your Barbie Dolls, play the record of ‘I know you are but what am I’, the cousins who use to torment you with incessant provocation.... yet when it came down to it, they were family, and family bolster their own. A lot can be said about these Melbourne natives and none of it negative, King Parrot are one of the hardest working bands in the country, they tick this box; they tick that box, they yell at it and when all is said and done, they never subject themselves or their fans to stay inside the box. For this, we owe a great debt of gratitude to King Parrot. Metal As Fuck caught up with vocalist Matt Young recently to get the 4 1-1 on the bands first European tour and the impending National tour in support of their sophomore album Dead Set...

Essentially, a back to back American tour, a European tour and now the announcement of a national tour. The King Parrot boys aren’t familiar with the term ‘down time’. A term described as ‘not our thing’ by vocalist Matt Young. “We’re a working class band and, yeah, we play some pretty horrific music but there is an audience for it and we love playing live. We much prefer doing this than anything else and we’ve made that our mission, as long as there is a demand for it, we’re going to keep on doing it”. The recently concluded European tour was the first of hopefully many successful European tours for King Parrot, stretching their legs and their attitudes across the continent opened up a Pandora’s Box of fans “Getting over to Europe was one of the first goals the band ever had, we had to tour Europe. The opportunity came up with a band called Weedeater, who we are now brothers for life!”.  

Metal Hammer took quite a shine to King Parrot over the course of the Soundwave tour this year and low and behold King Parrot is now up for a fucking Golden God Award, the reaction from these humble dudes from Melbourne was not unexpected “I saw the nomination and I was like, holy shit man, it took us by surprise. If someone said to me at the start of this that I would be nominated for a Golden God award down the line I would not have believed them. I guess it’s just a combination of all the hard work that has been slowly paying off; the videos, the album, the relentless touring. We’re very grateful; the guys from Metal Hammer are a great bunch with an awesome sense of humour”. Metal Hammer should custom make your award to something like a Golden Bonox award? Yes! [Laughs] wow that shit is horrible, I won’t go anywhere near it. This one kid brought Bonox to a show once and started throwing it around the mosh pit, a tonne of it landed on me, it smelled so bad, I look at Slatts [Bass] and he’s got it all over his face. I saw the kid, grinning from ear to ear and I’m like you motherfucker. [Laughs] 

The latest album, Dead Set, I’ve had a sample Matt and I’m sorry to say..... It’s brilliant, it’s fucking brilliant Matt! ‘I’m so glad you like it, you know that feeling, when you get so close to something that you don’t even know if it’s good anymore, this was Dead Set. We did the pre-production in August last year, the recording, the mixing, the mastering; we worked on it so much, though we’ve had positive feedback so far”. The traditional King Parrot tune; were the fundamentals to remain the same with Dead Set? “They changed a lot; we have a new drummer now. A drummer always changes the chemistry of a band. Todd [Hansen] came in, with a good pedigree with playing with some awesome bands, and that’s another reason why we got him – his insatiable appetite for touring. It’s definitely changed the way we write, we’ve given the songs a lot more space”.  Dead Set is described as more of a metal album whereas the bands debut; Bite Your Head Off was more of a Grind album, Matt reiterates. “We wanted to let Dead Set breathe a bit more and it’s just a natural progression for us. For this record in particular I wanted to make a statement that King Parrot is about doing things the right way, doing things the real way. There are so metal records these days that sound so produced and so fake, it just doesn’t sound like a real band anymore, a lot of the drummers these days aren’t even fucking playing the drums, it’s all just programmed, it kills the life of the record in my opinion”.  

The first video release for the album; Like A Rat, the opening scene of Slatts waking up alongside Phil Anselmo; I know at least four girls personally who would have killed to be in that predicament. “Well they're just not Slatts are they. [Laughs] We had such a blast making that video, it was good to take some time off from recording and have a little fun. Phil was such a good sport, I was nervous asking him but as soon as I sent him the script he’s like ‘Fuck yeah man when we filming?!’ [Laughs]

The national tour is fast approaching, are you back in the country yet? ‘I am indeed; I am home, in Melbourne, I’ve been running around all day doing promo for the tour, I’ve collected the actual physical copy of Dead Set, its killer, I’ve been listening to it in the car all day, so keen to get it out there”.